Vote Wayne Gilchrest Out Of Office

Wayne Gilchrest has continually voted against Republicans and the President in items that relate to the war. He is pandering to Democrats in Maryland and he is no different than the cut and run crowd on the left. I have written to Congressman Gilchrest and have received several letters in return. They are generally condescending and point to his weakness as a leader. I have warned him that I plan to actively support anyone who runs against him regardless of party and I intend to do just that. In fact, I am not voting for any incumbent in the next election.

Gilchrest was one of only four Republicans to vote for a timetable in Iraq and this is in keeping with his weakness as a leader. He refuses to stand up for the troops and our country by ensuring that we fight the enemy in their house and not ours. Additionally, Gilchrest’s vote went against the original promise of Congress to give the surge until September before any moves were made. This was based on Iraq meeting certain milestones, some of which they have.

Gilcrest is a poor leader who has kept his seat by running unopposed or against weak opponents. I would run against him if I had the money. Maryland needs a real leader and I am a far better ne than Wayne. Thankfully, he has an opponent in the primary and a Democrat has also announced intentions to run for the seat. I fully intend to support his Republican rival and if Gilchrest wins the primary I will support his Democratic challenger. Unlike the Daily Kos, this site believes in supporting those who are best qualified regardless of party though I would certainly rather have Republicans in office. I will support a moderate Democrat over a poor Republican. Along with my vote, Gilchrest has lost the votes of many who will follow my lead.

I warned you Wayne and you did not listen. In 2008 we are going to do our best to ensure you are defeated. I will send you an I told you so letter during your lame duck session.

There are growing movements like this all over and we are hoping to see people like Gilchrest and Lindsey Graham gone in the next election.

Poor leaders make our country weak and Wayne Gilchrest is a poor leader.

The Hill

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Vote Wayne Gilchrest Out Of Office”

  1. bj1boo says:

    Im with you Big Dog. Im sick of this all.. Enough is enough. I am going to vote the best person for the job. One that hopefully wont stab America in the back. bj1boo

  2. Anonymous in District 1 says:

    Wayne’s a poor Republican, but in my opinion he’s a good leader, as opposed to the vast majority of party cronies we have in Congress these days, on both sides of the aisle.

    And B.D., what makes you think we’re going to get a “moderate” Democrat to run for office on the Western Shore? Mikulski and Cardin are both party zombies, with something like a 95% rate of voting along party lines; and they’ve got to account for the Eastern Shore. District 1 is not going to get a moderate Democrat anytime soon. Pull against Wayne all you want in the primaries, but if you’re a hardcore Republican, he’s going to beat the pants off of any Democrat going up against him.