Vote Pair Wants Fairness?

Back during election season I signed up with an organization called Vote Pair. They said their purpose was to “not allow our flawed and undemocratic Electoral College system to nullify your right to have your vote count just because you live in a “safe” red or blue state.” Of course they then proceeded to explain how people in different states could swap votes to ensure John Kerry won the presidency. The scheme works like this. A person who lives in a “red” state but wants some third party candidate to win registers and is paired with a person in a strong “blue” state. The person in the strong “blue” state votes for the third party candidate and the person in the “red” state votes for John Kerry. They claim it is a way to allow the popular vote to override the archaic electoral college system. I looked at it as illegal vote reallocation. They claimed to be looking out for voters but they were denying individuals from states to have their states desires expressed. You are probably asking why I signed up. As I explained a long time ago, I signed up to subvert the process. I said I was a Nadar supporter and agreed to vote for Kerry if a guy in the red state would vote for “my man Ralph.” I got a nifty email from some twit who was eager to get Bush out of office. I convinced him he was doing the right thing and then on election day I voted for Bush.

Vote Pair says they want fairness by removing the electoral college. They call it a flawed and undemocratic system. They think the popular vote is more fair. If we go with a popular vote then it is possible that 6 or 7 heavily populated states, no not even states, cities (like New York and Las Angeles) could decide the outcome for the entire country. The electoral college system was established to prevent that very thing. It is designed to ensure that some states that have smaller populations have an equal say in who runs this country. If Vote Pair and the liberal elitists in this country succeed in changing to the popular vote then heavily populated bastions of liberalism will determine who is the president more often than not. Now talk about undemocratic! They just can not get over the 2000 election. Many mental health professionals would say that indicates some type of mental illness….

This is the email they sent me.

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10 Responses to “Vote Pair Wants Fairness?”

  1. Adam says:

    How mature of you…subverting that evil plot like that…

  2. Big Dog says:

    With all you concern about “stealing” elections I would have thought you would praise me for helping prevent this sort of clandestine attempts to undermine the system and thwart the will of the voter.

    Oh wait, you only feel that way if a liberal guy makes claims about voter irregularities.

  3. Adam says:

    No, I only feel that way when the institutions that handle voting are involved in fraud, such as the person who certifies the vote being a campaign head…twice, for example. Two people agreeing to swap votes is not fraud. It’s dumb, but it’s not fraud. I’m not sure why you feel high and mighty about misleading somebody. You are the corrupt one here with your dishonesty. Don’t try to turn your childish act around to make me look bad.

  4. Vote Pair Wants Fairness?

    This interesting article appeared today:…

  5. Big Dog says:

    I feel that these people were trying to undermine the established government in this country so, as a soldier, I did what I could to thwart the attempt.

    It is a fraudulent act to vote on someone else’s behalf in a different state. I do not know of any law but this is not how it is supposed to work. You vote for you in your state.

  6. Adam says:

    How is vote swapping undermining the established government? There is nothing that says a voter can’t swap a vote. One person, one vote. That’s what matters. There are no laws telling a person how they cast that one vote. Bottom line here, you screwed over some poor guy who believed in that system. As a soldier, you cheated this guy. As a soldier you mislead and lied. Not setting a very good example for the US military now are you?

  7. Big Dog says:

    During WW II we used a bunch of fake equipment to make Hitler and the Nazis think we were attacking from one direction and then we attacked from another. In the first Gulf War we used CNN to broadcast where we would be attacking from and then attacked from another direction. During the election, I made it look like I would vote one way and voted another.
    Deception in battle is an accepted practice so yes it is a great example to teach. The election was a battle for the White House and I helped in the battle.

    If vote pair really espoused the fairness they claim then both sides would have been given the offer. They were clearly partisan.

    As for the swapping itself. The idea violates the spirit of the voting process. That is the problem with the libs, if there is no specific law then it is OK no matter how wrong it is and since this violates the spirit of the electoral process and the electoral college, which they clearly intended to do, then it violated the spirit of the Constitution.

    Deception is a part of battle. They should have known that. You make a big deal out of this. Where was your indignation when the UK paper, the Guardian, bought the Ohio voter list and sent out emails to people(they targeted republicans and undecided voters) asking us to write letters to them to encourage them to vote for Kerry. Now that is another country in our process. What I did was good tactics.

  8. Adam says:

    What you did was childish and misleading. Voting is not a war. You can’t cite WWII examples as justification for your own immature actions. I don’t care if the outside world tries to interfere with our elections. I don’t care of people swap votes. I care that one person can vote once, and only once, and that their vote is counted if they are legally registered. This seems to be a problem lately. Vote swapping does not violate any spirit of anything.

  9. Big Dog says:

    Obviously that guy and anyone else who signed up for Vote Pair did not care enough about their vote to protect it by casting it the way they wanted in their own home state. They were more concerned with beating Bush then protecting the sanctity of their vote.

    You refuse to see this as a scheme because it might have benefitted your side. If they uncovered some evil plot to swap votes in Bush’s favor you would be crying foul.

  10. Adam says:

    No, I wouldn’t cry foul. Anybody can swap votes. Just because a liberal group wanted to do it doesn’t mean Republicans couldn’t. It is an American’s right to vote. Nobody can tell a person how to vote. If I choose to vote for Nader because I swapped votes with somebody, that is my choice. How hard is that? This is a stupid argument. I’m done.