Vote Now For The November Jackass Of The Month

The poll for Jackass of the Month for the month of November is up (left sidebar under the Dog doing his bidniz’). The nominees are:

  • Maureen Dowd-“There are only so many supremely powerful jobs to give to women who are not qualified to get them… The West Wing is a parallel universe to TV’s Wisteria Lane: instead of self-indulgent desperate housewives wary of sexy nannies, there are self-sacrificing, buttoned-up nannies serving as adoring work wives, catering to W.’s every political, legal and ego-affirming need.”
  • Charlie Rangel-What can we say about this partisan hack race baiter that has not been said?
  • Ronnie Earle-The man who could not get a grand jury to indict Tom DeLay until he coerced and browbeat them. His personal vendetta has gotten in the way of sound legal decisions.
  • Bill Bennett-Because Adam nominated him.

As you can see we have three worthy candidates up there. So have fun and vote. I will take this down at the end of the month and post the results.

Be sure to send in your nominations for the month of December. It is never too early!

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2 Responses to “Vote Now For The November Jackass Of The Month”

  1. Adam says:

    Because I nominated him? No, because he’s racist, but oh yeah, I forgot…you’re a Bennett Apologist, my bad.

    Just take Bennett’s name off of there and add yourself in his place, you jackass. Consider this my official nomination of you.

    So much for being fair, jerk. What a waste of my time…

  2. Big Dog says:

    This is from your nomination

    “Adam had this to say on Wednesday Oct 5th, 2005 @ 16:32

    I nominate Bill Bennett.”

    Nowhere did you say I nominate him because he is a racist. Nowhere did you say I nominate him because Big Dog is a jerk. You simply said “I nominate Bill Bennett.”

    I could not make up a reason for you and the only reason I had was that you nominated him. Now if that makes me a jerk so be it. If you had sent an email or detailed your nomination (like others did) then I could have put down why you nominated him. I think it was fairly done given the limited information you provided.

    It is very liberal of you to try and change candidates in the middle of the election. You have learned very well from your moonbat idols.

    Did you throw tantrums when you were a kid and did not like something or is that something you developed later in life?