Vote for Hillary and Get Lower Oil Prices

Hillary Clinton has ramped up the pandering and outright lies of her campaign by claiming that electing her to the presidency will instantly lower the price of oil. Hillary is claiming that since she will reduce our dependence on oil, the oil producing countries will lower prices to get us to stifle that effort. She actually claimed that Jimmy Carter, perhaps America’s worst president, was on the right track in doing this and then Reagan was elected and he ignored it because oil was cheap. I know that the 60 year old Clinton has to remember the gas lines of the 70s and the terrible economic times fueled, in part, by the oil crunch. If this is her idea of being on the right track, she is more delusional than I originally thought.

So, electing Hillary will result in an instant drop in the price of oil. I wonder if she will sign a binding and irrevocable contract stating that she will immediately resign if the price of oil does not instantly drop (and it needs to be a significant drop, not a few dollars but more like the $60 or $70 she cited). The Arabs are probably keeping the oil price high to help Democrats win the White House anyway. The Democrats have a history of being in bed with the terrorists and the Commies.

I wonder what unbelievable (and unrealistic) claims Hillary will make next. Vote for me and global warming will instantly stop. Vote for me and Natalie Holloway will show up unharmed. Vote for me and the dead Beatles will rise from the dead and go on tour with those who are living. Vote for me and I will turn water into wine. Vote for me and there will instantly be world peace. Vote for me and world hunger will end.

This is the part of the campaign where candidates say just about anything to get elected. There is no way that she is correct on this but she does not care so long as she gets elected. Once she is president she can shrug it off until it is time to get reelected and then she can tell a few more whoppers and make a few more unrealistic claims.

I have a feeling she would get in office and then when the prices failed to drop she would say that the Arabs are trying to make her look like a liar (as if she needs help). Remember, Bill promised a huge tax cut for the middle class and then when he got in he said he looked at everything and tried all he could but he could not make it work. Things, he said, were worse than he thought or than anyone told him. Hillary would play much the same way.

Anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton is an idiot. Anyone who believes what she is saying should be locked in a small room with no lights and kept there away from other humans.

If Hillary is elected and prices go down does it mean she is the candidate of big oil?

NY Daily News

Big Dog

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50 Responses to “Vote for Hillary and Get Lower Oil Prices”

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  2. irtexas44 says:


    She is so far beyond gag me it’s not even write able. I know they keep saying women will vote for her. They are even more laughable. I only know some libs that say oh but we get Bill. Gag me. We don’t ever need these two ever again. If you watch when she is on one of her rants people are yawning and trying to stay awake. She is about as enlighting as dirt. I don’t think the trailer park in AR will let them back in.

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  14. Stephanie says:

    BS she is an evil idiotic woman.

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  16. Denisjh says:

    You said:
    “The Arabs are probably keeping the oil price high to help Democrats win the White House anyway. The Democrats have a history of being in bed with the terrorists and the Commies. ”
    Asisde from beingf infantile, unproved and unsourced, perhaps you are unaware of George “I love Saudi Arabia” Bush holding hands litereally with the lead terrorist sponsor King Adbdullah.
    Or maybe you are aware and care more about your party than your country. I’m leaning that way.
    You also, incocentally, grossly distorted what Senator Clinton had to say, but if you don’t have an argument to make, I guess you have to make it up.

  17. mr bigstuff says:

    of course the morons who were so dumb as to vote for w……….twice would hate to see a drop in gasoline prices. that would destroy w’s crowning achievement: a three fold increase in gasoline prices and the subsequent rape of the american public by your favorite people, the big oil executives. make sure all you fools brag about how your vote caused $3/gallon gasoline and all the other economic hardships caused by these gas prices next time you’re filling up your w-stickered s.u.v. at the pump. but i’ll bet quite a few of you morons have already scraped that w sticker off your vehicle in a vain attempt to convince the rest of america that you really were not dumb enough to vote for the worst president in american history………twice.

  18. Zog the Obvious says:

    “The Arabs are probably keeping the oil price high to help Democrats win the White House anyway. The Democrats have a history of being in bed with the terrorists and the Commies.”

    The same case could be made for Republicans. I would back this statement up by reminding you of the existence of the Carlysle Group which features prominent Republicans and maintains close ties with the Bin Laden family. Additionally, Iran-Contra was a Republican deal, as was Saddam Hussein’s original rise to power. And let’s not even go into who trained Osama Bin Laden in the first place.

    It would be easy to get angry here and cut loose with a tirade that would make Bill O’Reilly proud. Democrats are known to be in bed with the terrorists? Seriously?

    Can you back this statement up? I hear this claim from the Right a lot, but don’t really see the evidence. Just an honest question with an honest attempt to keep my cool; hoping for an honest answer in the same way.

  19. Jackie says:

    Gag me? Has the 1980’s finally gotten to Texas. Since the 1990 haven’t gotten there yet, let me remind you that oil fell below $9 a barrel in 1998.

    You dumb a$$es think we got over $90 a barrel because of the “invisible hand” of the market palce? The same “invisible hand” that made electric prices skyrocket in California! Were all in the same boat, but Repugs are too stupid to know they are getting f-ed by the leaders.

  20. franelec says:

    Big Dog, your thought process leaves me only one thing to say:

    You have s**t for brains!

  21. stamen says:

    If Hilary lowers oil prices it’s gonna hurt our good friends the Saudi’s. They won’t be able to make as much money off us and it will probably hurt and Bush and Cheney. Don’t let this happen and don’t let them lower CAFE standards. The Saudi’s need to make the money off us we must help them. Keep up the good work Dog!!!

  22. DriftersLuck says:

    Yawn, if you can read, my friends, she meant that the United States will not make the same mistake which we made under RR and cancel our efforts to find other means to power our nation besides carbon-based fuels, especially oil. Of course, I do appreciate your despair after the sorry performance of wrecking of America which has been the Bush/Cheney Administration. Too bad, but any Democrat, right now, would trump any one in the current failed crop of Republicans.

  23. Big Dog says:

    Yawn, I read what she said and I interpreted it correctly. The idea that prices will drop is nonsensical.

    No matter what her reasoning. I would also point out that Congress writes the legislation and the President signs it or vetoes it. Might be interesting to see who canned the alternative fuels initiative, if one actually existed and if it did, was canned.

  24. Randy says:

    No Big Dog, you didn’t interpret it correctly. That is evidenced by the question you pose at the end of your blog asking if Hillary gets elected and oil prices go down, does that make her the candidate for big oil?

    Hillary isn’t saying that the price of oil should be lowered. It would be lowered to stifle her efforts to put together a system that would make the US less dependent on oil. The idea being that people would be less concerned about energy alternatives if gas were cheap.

    I am not sure oil prices would go down if she were elected, but that’s not her point. The point she is trying to make is we need to become less dependent on oil for energy, and you clearly missed it.

  25. Big Dog says:

    No Randy, I got it. You are relating two different items. Yes, she said we needed to work on decreasing dependence on oil and alternative fuels. Politicians from BOTH parties have been saying it for years.

    Then she made the leap that since she believes this to be true then oil exporting countries would lower prices.

    These two items are not related. Just because she thinks something it does not equate to others believing it will come to fruition. As I stated, we have been saying it for years and oil keeps going up. It goes up because of demand, because of instability in the region and because oil producing countries limit production to keep prices high.

    My last statement was a shot at the idiots on the left who said that oil companies would keep prices low so Bush would win reelection. Oil companies have very little to do with the price of oil. They have an effect on the price of gas because it is refined here.

    What has Hillary done in the Senate to help with this problem. She was no there to vote on the energy bill because she was out trying to get nominated…..

    I know what she said. She said the price of oil would come down if she were elected. It was irresponsible and it is pandering. She is Satan.

  26. Randy says:

    HILLARY CLINTON related the two items! She predicted (not promised) that oil companies may lower the price of oil, that would be the effect, when she promises to motivate development of alternative fuels. That promise to motivate the development of alternative fuels would be the cause of the effect, relating the two items. It says it right there in the article. Read it again.

    She said she would push for development of alternative fuels. She suggested that there would be an attempt to hinder that push.

  27. Big Dog says:

    I know what she said and politicians have been saying the same thing for decades so why is it OPEC will drop prices because she says it?

    She will say anything to get elected, she is Satan.

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  30. Jehosepha says:

    Big Dog,
    Your blind hatred of anything on the left, esp. your flaming irrational hatred of Hillary (along with the rest of the right). is blinding your judgement.
    W & Co. (Gingrich, Delay, Abramov, etc, etc), have far surpassed the Clintons when it comes to political scandals, lies, and maneuvers.

  31. Randy says:

    Hillary Clinton never said oil prices will INSTANTLY drop if she is elected president. Michael McAuliff of the Daily News wrote that. When you read the article, notice where the quotation marks are, and where they are not. The stuff in quotation marks is what Hillary Clinton actually said, word for word. Hillary Clinton was trying to make the point that she wasn’t merely going to say she is going to push for development of alternative energies, but she is going actually do it. OPEC and the oil industry will react by making oil compete with the alternative energy market. Her point is that we should not take our eye off the ball if that happens and let up on the development of alternative energy.

    I do agree that she will say anything to get elected. That isn’t a Hillary thing though, its a political thing. They ALL do it.

  32. notanumber says:

    Wow, and look what George W Bush did for us when oil was under $30 a barrel and a gallon of gas was just $1.70! Well, GWB still has 400 days to use that Saudi goodwill and get prices down.

    “Bush said today that he would bring down gasoline prices by creating enough political good will with oil-producing nations that they would increase their supply of crude. “I would work with our friends in OPEC to convince them to open up the spigot, to increase the supply. Use the capital that my administration will earn, with the Kuwaitis or the Saudis, and convince them to open up the spigot.” Implicit in his comments was a criticism of the Clinton administration as failing to take advantage of the good will that the US built with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf war in 1991. Also implicit was that as the son of the president who built the coalition that drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait, Mr. Bush would be able to establish ties on a personal level that would persuade oil-producing nations that they owed the US something in return. Source: Katherine Q. Seelye, NY Times Jun 28, 2000

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  36. Zog the Obvious says:

    No reply to my invitation to back up your comment that Democrats are traditionally in bed with terrorists then?

    C’mon…. I backed up my comments…

    No answer?

    Don’t want to give me one?

    Or you don’t HAVE one?

  37. Big Dog says:

    Pelosi meets the Syrian President, a terrorist, and tries an end around President Bush.

    Clinton met with Arafat, a terrorist, more than any other leader.

    Clinton gave nuclear technology to North Korea.

    Mideast Terror leaders support Democrats

    Democrats are in bed with Communists, terrorists and socialists and they take the word of terrorists over the word of our troops. Think Jack Murtha.

  38. Zog the Obvious says:

    Oh, come on. That’s a total distortion. When Pelosi met with the Syrian President, those were called “negotiations.” There was no secrecy involved.

    Same with Clinton meeting Arafat. Clinton’s deepest ambition was to resolve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict – a goal that he failed to meet.

    Clinton gave Nuclear technology to NKOR so they would use it for energy, not weapons, specifically so they would agree to not produce those weapons. They honored that agreement – until Bush decided he didn’t have to honor any of Clinton’s treaties. If you want to tie NKOR’s detonation of a nuclear weapon that barely deserved the name to those negotiations

    When Reagan propped up Saddam Hussein in the 80’s, it was oil, weapons profiteering, and more. Same with Iran Contra. War profiteering, war for oil, weapons for hostages… And the Carlysle Group? In bed with Bin Laden’s family? Do you want to tell me they’re negotiating?

    The Right’s links to the terrorists stink far more than the Left’s do. And Democrats don’t take the word of terrorists over the words of our troops. We take the words of terrorists over the words of the Bush Administration and their cronies (some of whom only happen to be troops.)

    There will never, ever, ever be unity in this nation again so long as the Right continues to distort and smear the efforts of people who are genuinely interested in governing. The world would be a much better place if you folks would keep your wallets out of politics.

  39. Zog the Obvious says:

    Er… didn’t finish my sentence…. If you want to tie NKOR’s detonation of a nuclear weapon that barely deserved the name to those negotiations…. then be my guest.

  40. Big Dog says:

    Zog, it is obvious you have no grasp of reality. Pelosi did not negotiate, she was doing the work of the state department in violation of the law.

    Kerry, consorted with our enemy while still a member of the reserves (likely received a dishonorable discharge and that is why his records have not been released).

    Arafat was a terrorist and Clinton acted like they were fishing buddies. Israeli peace? The Democrats only care about Jews when it is time for votes. After that they ignore them and crap all over Israel. Ohh, Israel had a disproportionate response to rockets being lobbed in their neighborhoods every day. Tell them to stop defending themselves.

    Yes, we armed Hussein against Iran and our hope was that neither would survive. That crap about NK using the stuff for peace until Bush broke the deal is crap. NK was making nukes before the ink was dry.

    Clinton gave missile technology to China for campaign money.

    People from all parties are scum and we should replace all of them in COngress but if you want leadership and you want a safe America you need Republicans. Democrats are afraid to use the military except when wagging the dog (bomb an aspirin factory to take attention away from a sex scandal).

    Don’t forget it was Clinton’s pussy methods of handling terror that brought us 9/11. He can rewrite history all he wants but he ignored and refused to answer decisively and he allowed bin Laden to live when he had him 3 times. He gave us 9/11, it is his fault and if it had not been for him we would not be at war right now.

  41. irtexas44 says:


    I don’t think libs can understand the plain facts. As they seem to not understand them. With ALL of the Clintons lies, fraud, lies, connections to felons, lies,dirty money, lies, made up what they have and have not done, lies, murders, lies, stealing, lies, crimes, lies, etc. Just all of the what she is going to do IF elected means she will be in office until the century. That should be long enough for them to empty the WH.

    This morning when she started comparing herself to her good friend of 12 years, Bhutto, I thought I was going to barf. Running out a picture of her, Chelsea and Bhutto from a photo op years ago was just another barf factor. Did I mention the lies?

  42. DriftersLuck says:

    Clinton’s campaign took $30,000 from China and returned all $30,000 to China, when the originator or the donation was named. Did his campaign know this from the “git-go”? Don’t know, but the George Bush, the elder, campaign took $300,000 from the same source and didn’t return a cent of it. Wanna bet China got a lot more from the Elder than they did from Clinton?

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  46. irtexas44 says:


    I think some of these misguided souls need to learn to read and do a little research on their idol’s. A mind is something to be developed not wasted. Maybe their mommy’s and daddy’s can get them some tutoring. Then when they understand the written word they could brush up on a little history. I’m sure they all have the coveted Lib Arts degrees to back them up.

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  50. Michael P. says:

    The terrorists’ motto is” We shall bring down Americans to their knees”…
    We don’t need to go far to capture the terrorists; they are under our nose, and we don’t even see them! Bush and his colleagues in are “Cutting our throat with cotton”… an expression, which indicates that one does not have to have a knife to cut one’s throat… they do it gradually with patience until the throat is cut! Get those bastards! America is being destroyed! Forget BinLaden look for the terrorists in the WHITEHOSE!