Useless Government

Yet another example showing how utterly and completely useless government has become. Seriously. Stories like this one just make me support massive, massive reductions in government — especially on the enforcement side.

This is the story about the Piano that was found on a sandbar in the Florida Keys. A student put it there as part of an art project. There’s nothing more to the story. A kid put a piano on some sand for an art project. The piano was eventually claimed by someone else, which is perfectly okay, the one who put it there doesn’t seem to mind. A day after the piano disappeared, another prankster put a table and chairs on the sandbar.

So, what should we “DO” about this? Of course, in a normal, rational world, we would sit back, maybe laugh, maybe critique the art, maybe complain about people with too much time on their hands. You see, no one has been hurt. No one has been threatened. Many people are smiling. So, in a free country, this would be news, and when the pranksters got tired, there would be no more news.

But that’s not the response of the government in America today. No, today’s government sees numerous serious crimes that have occurred. This government wants people fined and jailed for these horrible crimes. We have “environmental officials” making statements, “fearing” that other people might do something evil: place other things on the sand bar. We have “authorities” removing the table and chairs to make sure no one else is “influenced” by these heinous acts. We have the “Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission” threatening people with arrest for going near the sandbar. State wildlife officials have threatened the art student with fines and jailing.

What a damn load of crap. Every single one of these “officials” is a fool. They should all be fired and forced to find something productive to do, instead of giving them the power to jail people. No, it doesn’t make one bit of difference that they’re “just enforcing the law” or “just doing their job.” That’s total crap. They’re petty dictators with way too much power and they’re fools, plain and simple. And yes, I’d certainly tell that to them to their faces.

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One Response to “Useless Government”

  1. Blake says:

    I see no need to further expound on your post, Mr. O- the last paragraph hews close to the bone of the truth of it- petty dictators- never have I cared for those.