Use Slavery To Show You Are An Electable Democrat?

Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware, when asked how he would do in the Presidential Primary when compared to others who are from the South replied that he would do “Better than anybody else.” He then went on to say that people do not know his state, it was a slave state. Biden says this as if it is something to be proud of. In reality he is trying to shake the label of being a Northeastern Liberal Elitist, which is exactly what he is. However, since the last three Democrats to make it to the White House were from the South, Biden felt compelled to become just like the Southern boys. It won’t be long before he is out carrying a shotgun and bagging ducks, no wait, that was already done.

Delaware was a border state that had slaves but was part of the Union (Delaware rejected secession). The other four states were Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, and West Virginia (which was actually formed when the Western counties of the state of Virginia refused to secede). So yes, Delaware was a “slave” state but it was also a border state that fought for the union with many citizens fighting against each other because of the fragmented alliances. Regardless of all of this, for Biden to mention it shows how desperate he is to become president. It is an unnecessary thing to discuss. The fact that Delaware was a slave state generations before Biden was born does not have any effect on how Biden acts in his everyday life. Biden went to a Catholic Preparatory school and then to the University of Delaware. From there he went to Syracuse to become a lawyer. It seems to me he did not spend too much time South of the Mason-Dixon line during those formative years. But listen to Joe, he is a Southerner…

The whole idea of raising the slave issue to become an electable candidate is beyond reason. Slavery ended over 143 years ago when Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation (1 Jan 1863). Though it took longer for slaves to become completely free, the issue of slavery was resolved at that point because it was no longer legal. If Joe Biden had been around then he might have something to talk about. But since this happened over a century ago it is hard to see how it has relevance. The next presidential election will be in 2008 and people want to hear how what you are doing now makes you the right choice to lead the nation. They do not want to know that you come from a conflicted state that once allowed people to be held in servitude. Despite what Biden might think, people are not stupid. he should know that since they caught him using someone else’s speech the last time he wanted to be president. people will go by actions and living the life of a Northeastern Liberal Elitist (and sending your children to Ivy League Schools) does not make you one of the good old boys just because the founders of your state held slaves.

Watch Biden, he will probably use words from the Emancipation Proclamation in his stump speeches. This will also be an opportune time to watch Hillary. If the last three Democratic Presidents came from the South, how long will it be before she distances herself from New York and starts touting her Arkansas roots?

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3 Responses to “Use Slavery To Show You Are An Electable Democrat?”

  1. True, though Kentucky’s legislature did vote to seceed, and was replaced by Lincoln’s legislature. There were two Kentucky state governments, one union and one confederate, during the War.

  2. Big Dog says:

    I believe that Kentucky voted not to secede (which might have come in a second vote under the circumstances you describe) but then a faction government formed and they were conflicted because though they wanted to remain in the Union they refused to fight against their brothers in the South.

    Regardless of how it happened, Kentucky was conflicted, as were many states, and it was a difficult time. I don’t see any Kentucky politicians talking like Biden though…..

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Tom Rogers says:

    The irony here is that the last time Biden ran for President, he was stressing his “cole miner” bona fides. In 1988, he was a Cole Miners Daughter (er, son) from PA, where was born.

    Another interesting note, Joe Biden lives less then 1 mile from the original Dupont Gunpowder Mills. During the Civil War, that site provided 40% of the Union Army’s gunpowder. His “confederate” ancestors must be rolling in their graves.