Use Clinton, not Gonzales!

On March 15th, just as this whole issue with legally firing prosecutors was unfolding in yet another Democrat induced hysteria for political gain (think Plame) a guy named Ari Emanuel wrote a piece at the Huffington Post. This is it in its entirety:

I have been trying for some time to find a good way to teach my sons that lying is not the right thing to do. At long last, I have found the perfect example: Prosecutorgate. I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but here goes: Thank you, Alberto Gonzales and your team at the Justice Department for providing the very high-profile cautionary tale I was looking for.

As Messrs. Sampson, McNulty, Moschella — and, who knows, Rove and Gonzales himself — are forced to fess up in public, I can turn the TV from Hannah Montana to C-SPAN and tell my kids, “For heaven’s sake, whatever you do, don’t act like that!” Now I just have to figure out the pre-school equivalent of, “It’s always a bad idea to tell Congress things that are directly contradicted by 143 pages of internal emails and documents.”HuffPo

As this guy states, he is thankful that the issue happened so that he could use it as an example for his children. He wanted to teach them that lying is not right so he picked the example of Gonzales because, being an idiot, Emanuel was not able to come up with an example until this very moment. I guess in this moonbat’s world it is rare to find a lie (though that has yet to be determined in this case) being told among politicians. I have a few here that this guy could have used more effectively:

I did not have sex with that woman-Bill Clinton
I have always been a Yankee fan-Hillary Clinton
I did not try to take a bribe-John Murtha
I invented the Internet-Al Gore
I was not drinking and I tried to save that poor girl-Ted Kennedy
We will end the culture of corruption-Nancy Pelosi
The land deal must have slipped my mind-Harry Reid
I did not throw my own medals over the fence-John Kerry
I knew nothing about Mike Steele’s credit report-Chuck Schumer
I had no idea that these contract would benefit my husband-Dianne Feinstein

All you had to do Ari was stop drinking your Kool-Aid long enough to look around. There are many examples of out and out lies right in the Democratic Party if you are willing to look for them. The issue with the attorneys is a non starter and Bush and his administration are being taken to task for not firing all 92 prosecutors. Clinton did that to get rid of one who was investigating Dan Rostenkowski (who received a pardon from Clinton) so it is obvious that his action was politically motivated. No one questioned it because they are at will appointees who serve at the President’s pleasure.

Ari Emanuel has been drinking the burrito flavored Kool-Aid again and he let us know how really stupid and partisan he is by making a claim that he had to wait until now to find an example of a lie. Which reminds me of another lie:

I have been trying for some time to find a good way to teach my sons that lying is not the right thing to do. At long last, I have found the perfect example-Ari Emanuel. You could be your own best example…

Big Dog

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One Response to “Use Clinton, not Gonzales!”

  1. I’ve thought about signing up for the Shittington Post, but then I thought –F*ck Them. I’m not going to waste time barking at Moonbats.

    I’ll let them roll in their own shiite and continue to believe themselves quite brilliant.