USDA: Another Worthless Pile of Crap

The USDA claims that it’s mission is:

We provide leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, and related issues based on sound public policy, the best available science, and efficient management.

I think they should update their web site to be more accurate:

We are petty bureaucrats with the police powers. We can and will do whatever the hell we want, and we have lots of men with guns to back us up. We will give lip service to agriculture, because that’s in our name. And we will take money from people we dislike and give money to people we like. You cannot stop us because we’re unaccountable to anyone at any time and we have lots and lots of men with guns to force you to do what we want.

Hell, that would be a LOT more accurate, especially when considering the recent news about the $4 million dollar fine for raising and selling a few hundred rabbits.

Many times, in cases like these, people will fall back on the old, “Oh, we’re just doing our job.” But in this case, it’s even worse. The slimy, miserable excuses for humans at the USDA are willing to defend their actions and freely admit that they want to PUNISH these people for not asking permission of the USDA before raising rabbits. These bastards are liars and want to crush people. They should be taken out and tarred and feathered, if not shot, and I don’t say that lightly. They are using force to destroy people because those people dared to defy the government.

Now I realize that some readers might say, “But wait, Ogre, that sounds a little severe for a bureaucrat sitting in DC doing nothing but pushing some papers.”

I would respond by pointing out that’s not quite correct. These bureaucrats, each and every one of them involved, has a choice. They are all, together, choosing to jail or kill these people for raising rabbits. They are perfectly willing to sign pieces of paper that will have this family jailed or shot. They are the ones who are initiating force against others. The family here did nothing morally wrong. They did not harm anyone. At no time was anyone (not even a damn rabbit) in danger of harm from the actions of this family — but still the bureaucrats at the USDA are willing to have them jailed or killed.

Any cries of “I’m just doing my job,” or “I’m just enforcing the laws” are complete and total crap. These very same people would clearly be just as willing to send Jews to the gas chambers, if that’s what their job involved. If you job requires you to jail, harm, or kill people who have done nothing wrong and who have harmed no one, you are taking direct responsibility for that action. It is not acceptable to blame it on the job. These individual bureaucrats are scum of the earth. They are directly causing harm to others, and they honestly don’t care one bit.

And worse — I am forced at gunpoint to not only pay the salaries of these bastards, but to pay massive amounts for their health care for life and quite generous government benefits and retirement packages. That’s completely and morally wrong — but, of course, if I object, or attempt to NOT pay these slime to jail and harm people, guess what? That’s right, I get jailed or killed.

Go ahead, try and convince me that there’s any semblance of justice in this country. Freedom and liberty have long been missing from America — but if you point that out, you’re marginalized and destroyed. The USDA should be completely dismantled immediately. Every last person in the department should be fired and receive no benefits. Don’t tell me to feel sorry for these bastards when they’re they ones that are harming people.

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