U.S. Helicopter Crashes Helping Tsunami Victims

A U.S. helicopter made what is described as a hard landing near Banda Aceh. No one was killed but all members of the crew were injured, some seriously.

Well, there you have it. The left needs to get up in arms and demand the withdrawal of our troops from the relief effort. They have been put in harm’s way and were injured. My God, they could have been killed. We need to unilaterally pull out of this mission and let the U.N. handle it. This is what happens when that cowboy George Bush goes it alone. If he had built a coalition of relief workers then we would not have this problem. He failed to pass the global test and our troops are paying for it. This is the wrong relief effort in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Our troops are forged from steel and are ready, willing, and able to handle all missions regardless of danger. They are doing a stellar job in the relief effort and they are doing a stellar job in the war. When you hear the left bash our troops again and talk about how dangerous the war is, you remind them that the tsunami effort is dangerous work too. Yet both missions are helping people who have been devestated.

The story is here. We hope and pray they are well and will be back on duty soon.

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