US Has World’s Best Life Expectancy

I know it is hard to believe that the US has the best life expectancy in the world but it does and I will show how in just a moment. First, what is life expectancy?

Life expectancy is a statistical measure of how long a person will live. There are many factors like year of birth, current age, and sex but more developed nations have higher life expectancy (of course the information is only as good as the data provided).

As of 2012 the World Health Organization reports the US ranks 36th out of 193 nations with an overall expectancy of 79.8 years.

This is all wrong and the US is actually number one. No other nation can boast about having as many people alive that are over 112 years of age.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the United States has 6.5 MILLION people who are older than 112. This is according to the federal government’s own Social Security Administration. The SSA shows that 6.5 MILLION people in this nation are over 112 and a few thousand of the people have dates of birth that are prior to the US Civil War!

These 6.5 million SS numbers are active and being used each and every day for credit cards, purchases, loans, jobs, you name it. How in the name of all that is sacred could the US be 36th in the world when nearly 2% of its population is older than 112?

Now I know what you are thinking. You think that some evil doers have stolen these numbers and are using them illegally. If that is the case why does the government not go after the people using the numbers (or report them as inactive so they can’t be used)? They can track the numbers so they must know where the people using them are located and if they know where they are but have not gone after them then those folks must be using them legally, right?

Otherwise the government would have to admit that it is incapable of running this program and it is rife with fraud. That would unravel this idea that government can do it all and should run all aspects of our lives. They would never admit that, now would they?

I am sure the numbers are being used illegally but since our government has not put an end to this it must feel confident that these people are legit.

And since this has not been corrected the government must report these numbers to the WHO so our life expectancy rate can be corrected to show us the longest living people on the planet.

To do otherwise would admit incompetency and we know government can’t do that if it wants to take over every aspect of our lives.

One final thought. These are the same people who will be running your health care…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “US Has World’s Best Life Expectancy”

  1. Barbara says:

    Which also means Grandparents and Great Grandparents are good as dead, Palin was right. Affordable Care Act death panels, just saw this happen to my neighbor, he was declared to old for surgery. That was Doctor excuse. He gas lawyer, he is 86. We ain’t seen nothing yet, This Nazi DICTATOR wants us dead, right one with Israel.