US Government Keeps Letting Them In

Loudoun County Virginia has had a recent outbreak of graffiti tags from the dangerous MS 13 gang. MS 13 is a gang that originated in El Salvador and many members migrated to the US. They are here illegally, they conduct illegal activities and they murder Americans.

Evidently the graffiti appeared after three people who are in this country illegally murdered a student (who is also here illegally) from a nearby school. The three illegals have been arrested and will be tried for murder and it would appear as if the gang is not happy with that.

Centeno-Miranda was shot twice on Sept. 4 in Sterling, VA by 20-year-old Henry Dominguez-Vasquez, 18-year-old Juan Aguirre-Zelaya and an unnamed 17-year-old.

All four men were in the country illegally. The Daily Caller

These gangs are here because we have open borders where people can walk right in. To make matters worse our government is importing a bunch of these thugs. The huge influx of illegals that recently took place certainly had members of this dangerous gang. No, they were not those innocent little refugee children the government told you they were.

Ann Coulter has a great piece about refugees coming to America.

These folks are disease carrying third world pukes who were relocated to a lot of small towns across the nation.

Our government is importing the gangs and it is looking the other way as gang members waltz across our porous borders.

I am saddened that a child was murdered and do not wish that on any family. As for the gang presence the county has itself to blame. It has turned into a liberal county that voted for Barack Obama twice and the state, no doubt with the help of Loudoun, helped elect a liberal governor. Liberals believe in open borders. They believe we should let just anyone walk on in and if they get here they should be cared for.

Liberals offer the illegals, which includes gang bangers, a place to stay (and taxpayer money in the form of welfare) so they only have themselves to blame for the mess.

Perhaps instead of getting upset about graffiti from a dangerous gang they should get on board with the plan to close our borders and get rid of those here illegally.

Including those who belong to dangerous gangs…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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  1. Barbara says:

    Yes Sir I agree totally.