US Government Funded Boston Terror

It looks like the Boston Bombers and their families were paid over 100 thousand dollars of US taxpayer money in the form of welfare. The bombers probably purchased the items they used to make their bombs with money from those who work hard and pay taxes. In effect, our government paid for the terror that occurred in Boston.

There are many failures in our government and the inability to weed out those who should not be here is among the most egregious of its failures. The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to be on top of things here in the “homeland” and should be focusing on the people who are here and intend to do bad things.

The reality is that the DHS would rather spend time demonizing veterans, Christians, conservatives and many other groups that have not used violence in pursuit of their agendas. Instead of looking at the illegals and those who are here legally but do bad things the DHS is stuck on attacking those who do no harm.

The Tsamaev brothers were reported as bad actors and they were checked on by federal officials. Instead of taking action the government decided to allow them to continue living here and receiving welfare money.

Our government is directly responsible for what happened in Boston from the bombing to the police state that followed.

The progressive agenda of the past 100 years has given us generational welfare and record numbers of people dependent on government (read working taxpayers). The progressive agenda is not only responsible for the bombing in Boston. The progressives and their agenda are responsible for the decay of many American cities that are run by progressives who dole out taxpayer money to people enslaved to government.

The inability of government to secure the nation and the failure of the progressive agenda has not stopped progressives from doubling down. No, the new immigration bill being floated around will ensure that millions of illegals who get a legitimate status will be allowed to get welfare. The progressives are working on building a new cadre of would be American haters who can use taxpayer money to cause chaos.

That chaos will mostly be economic where millions more on the dole will suck the last breaths from an already dying economy. But what will stop just one terrorist from getting and using taxpayer money to cause mass destruction in another US city?

We need to get a handle on the immigrants in this nation and we need to weed them out. Legally here or not we need to check to make sure they can stay here. Illegals should be sent home and those here legally but who should not be allowed to stay should be right behind them.

Until we address the number of bad people here and do something smart like getting rid of them there is no doubt we will have further attacks.

I doubt the decpticons in government really care. As long as our overlords have protection they really do not care what happens to everyone else.

Does anyone really think Obama and the rest of the progressive elitists care about dead school children or marathon runners?

If they cared about human life (other than their own) they would not support abortion and the monster in PA who murdered babies.

And they certainly would not “God Bless” Planned Parenthood…

Just so you know, I don’t disagree with everything Obama says.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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