US Ends Catch And Release?

The United States is claiming that it is ending the catch and release program. Not of fish but of ILLEGAL Aliens. The report is rather strange:

Nearly all non-Mexican illegal immigrants caught sneaking into the United States are being held until they can be returned to their home countries, the Bush administration said Wednesday.


The new policy, dubbed “catch-and-detain” generally does not apply to Mexicans who are almost immediately returned to Mexico after being stopped by Border Patrol agents.

I can certainly understand why Mexicans are treated differently. Their country is right next to us so we can send them right back. People from other places will be held until they are sent home. The problem I have is that local jurisdictions are being prevented from asking about immigration status. This prevent us from having an effective catch and detain or send home program because we can not weed out the ones who are already here. The only people this affects are those who are captured sneaking in.

We need to allow the police to determine immigration status of all people who are stopped. The police and other agencies should be able to check on any person they consider suspicious. Hospitals should be able to check (not deny emergent care) and ANYONE registering to vote or trying to get a driver’s license should be verified.


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