US Airways has a Choice to Make

Five of the six Imams who were removed from a US Airways flight are seeking an out of court cash settlement from the airlines. The five are getting help from the terrorist front group, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The Imams were removed for legitimate security concerns and they should not get a red cent.

If US Airways pays these inconsiderate thugs any amount of money the rest of the country should boycott the airline and put it out of business. Additionally, every passenger on that plane should sue the Imams for causing the nearly four hour delay by acting inappropriately on the aircraft. Reports, including from a passenger who understands the language they were speaking, indicate these guys were doing things they should not have, were saying things against the US and in support of bin Laden and Hussein, and were mimicking the acts of the 9/11 hijackers. If anyone is due compensation it would be the folks who had to endure that long delay because of these inconsiderate worshipers of the pedophile Mohammad.

As I see it, the choice is either stand up for what you believe in or cave to pressure and allow these idiots to get away with inappropriate behavior on an airplane. Think carefully because complacency will eventually lead to another 9/11.


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