Update On Soldiers

It now appears that the bodies found were indeed those of the two soldiers who were abducted last week. Reports indicate that they were killed in a barbaric way and that they had been tortured. A message released from the bastards who did this reads:

“We give the good news … to the Islamic nation that we have carried God’s verdict by slaughtering the two captured crusaders”

We need to let this act serve as notice that we will no longer take prisoners. When we are in the triangle of death and are approached we need to shoot first and count bodies later. We need to play by rules that these animals understand. They do not follow the law of land warfare and they laugh at the fact that we treat people humanely and the only reason they accuse us of all this so called torture is that they know it gets a rise from the bleeding hearts and the cowards like John Murtha.

We need to adjust our tactics to include any person who is carrying a weapon and any person who does not listen to instructions. If a car speeds to a checkpoint or fails to stop then the response needs to be to open fire and kill the possible threat. I do not give a rat’s ass about their so-called civil rights and their feelings. I do not care if they like us there or not. The act of war requires a military to exact its will on the enemy. We need to exact our will on every single towel headed terrorist who does not listen to our commands or who acts suspiciously. If they want to see carnage then they will get it.

Haditha? Screw that. All Marines should be released and allowed to go back and fight. I want them leading the assaults on the terrorists. We need to adopt the words of the President to the prosecution of the war. We will make no distinction between the terrorists or those who harbor them. You are either with us or against us. This means if you allow the terrorists in you town or your house then you are fair game and when we bomb your asses further back into the stone-age it will be your fault. If we find out you knew the terrorists were there and did not tell us you will be lined up and executed.

Now, that is the way to prosecute a war. We need to stop playing around and start instilling fear in these little sand fleas. It won’t happen because of all the moonbats and others who think we can hold hands with these punks and all just get along.

I can say this much, now that I have vented, I would not want to be the bastards who did this when the military catches up with them. There will be no prisoners. They will get slaughtered. They should read the history of the Alamo. The way the Mexicans got their asses handed to them after they attacked the Alamo will look like a Sunday picnic compared to what our angry troops will do to these towel headed terrorists.

Source: Breitbart

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4 Responses to “Update On Soldiers”

  1. […] Say a prayer for the two US soldiers found tortured and murdered in Iraq and their families. Just as importantly, pray for the sick and twisted souls of those who rejoice that our soldiers were murdered. For a military reaction to this horror, see the Big Dog. […]

  2. Lisa Gilliam says:

    It is time for some housecleaning of the Army and the Marine Corps.BD it seems that even the Marines have too many perfumed princes running things and they have forgotten who they are supposed to be sticking up for.And don’t get me started on the Sorry folks at the DOD and thaqt five sided puzzle palace who seem to be more concerned about the vermin at Club Gitmo and other assorted bottom feeders who will stop at nothing to destroy us and even those who are sympathetic to their positions.I guess these people seem to forget that the Army and Marines have been around a lot longer than either of those instituions,and they have more expertise at fighting and I don’t think these desk jockeys and pencil pushers need to stop meddling in things they have no knoweledge of.I’m sick of this,they don’t get paid to be pc and we as taxpayers let them know that.I’m sick to my stomach of all this bull.Also,why in the hell are they listening CAIR anyway,it seems that nobody in DC knows or care what is going on right under their own noses.I’haven’t called Camp Pendleton yet but,I will,I don’t know how much difference it would make,but I’m sure gonna try.