Up In Smoke

The County Executive of Howard County Maryland is considering a complete ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. If this happens that county will become the third in the state to have such a ban. Now I know that smoking is a bad habit and it causes all kinds of health problems but it is legal. How dare the government tell a person who owns a store what he can or can not let customers do in it.

It is amazing that non-smokers complain because of the smoke in a bar (I don’t like the smell either) but they will sit in a bar and drink and then drive home. They are worried that their health is being placed at risk and then they go out and put other people at risk. I have not seen people arrested for driving after smoking (legal tobacco) but I have seen hundreds of DUI cases. I do not read about people hitting a car full of people and killing them when driving after smoking (as before) but this happens a lot when people drink and drive.

Drinking is legal and people do it in bars and restaurants. Smoking is legal and if the owner of an establishment allows people to smoke they should be able to do so. If other customers do not like smoky places they can go to an establishment where the OWNER does not allow smoking. We have too much government in our lives.

What next? If you run a business from your home you can’t smoke in it?

Read it here.

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