Unpopular War, Or Worry About Who Might Run It?

I can remember about 18 months ago when the military was not meeting recruitment goals. I remember conversations over at Lost Adam’s site after he posted a story about missing recruiting goals. There were a lot of reasons suggested as to why recruiting was down and the most frequently discussed was that the war on terror in Iraq is unpopular and young people do not want to go there. Since Democrats refuse to acknowledge that we have a good economy and that a lot of people are getting jobs, they failed to make a connection that some people do not enter the service because there are competing interests, especially in a good job market.

I knew that the good economy was part of the reason and I also knew that the constant bad news played on the minds of parents and young people alike. It did not matter that much of the news was inaccurate and that a lot of the hype was designed to hurt the President prior to the last election, the people were cautious because of it. Now, many months removed from the election and still in a strong economy, the US Army has announced that it has exceeded it recruiting goal for the twelfth straight month. I do not hear a lot of the moonbats discussing that and they are sure not attributing it to the war being popular (the natural conclusion if recruiting was down because of it being unpopular).

I believe that the number of people joining the military had decreased prior to and just after the Presidential election for another reason you will not see discussed. People waited to see who would win the election. About 80% of the military members identify themselves as conservative. This fluctuates but the the conservative viewpoint is overwhelmingly present. People in the military remember how terribly things ran when Democrats were in charge of the country. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton tore the military apart. Carter had the aftermath of Vietnam to deal with but Clinton inherited a strong military built up by Reagan and H. W. Bush. In eight years he cut the military to the bone. Reduced the number of Army divisions to half its original strength and cut the military budget so that he could fund social programs while claiming to balance the budget (it was not balanced, that is a myth).

For a while it looked like John F’n Kerry might win. I believe that many people took other jobs or waited to find out the results because veterans, remembering what Democrats had done in the past, did not want their children serving under a Democrat, especially in time of war. When you throw in the fact that the potential winner was a cut and run, anti-war protester who left Vietnam and consorted with the enemy, then you can certainly understand the concern.

George Bush won and the recruiting numbers have begun to rise. They have met or exceeded goal for 12 straight months (though they might miss the yearly goal) and each time there is good news (that actually gets reported) then the military can use it to recruit the next best generation to defend this country.

Source: Access North Ga

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