United States is Stingy, With Love, the U.N.

The U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Jan Egeland, said the United States is a stingy nation and that our assistance to the victims of the tragic tsunami falls short of what we should be doing. Mr. Egeland, a Norwegian, said the United States should tax its people more so they can give more to the humanitarian efforts in the effected countries.

Ladies and gentlemen, the United States pledged $15 million the day of the tragedy and stated that was the beginning. I think the amount is up to about $35 million. I think it is only right that the United States help the people devastated by the tsunami. We are the world’s only super power and we should help in any way that we can. Of course, that is what we did. We ALWAYS jump in and help every nation on the Earth whenever there is some kind of disaster. After the way we have been treated in the past few years who could blame us if we said screw them. We would not do that because we are a nation of generally good people.

What we don’t need is some panty waisted punk in thousand dollar suits from another country to tell us what we should be giving. We certainly don’t need this jackass telling us how we should be taxed and what our taxes should go toward paying. Mr. Egeland is part of the United Nations. I might be wrong on this one but weren’t they established to take care of these kinds of incidents? Don’t member nations, including the U.S. pay a great deal of money to this group of jerks so that they can run out and help when disaster strikes? Can someone, anyone tell me why the U.S. has dedicated more money to this relief effort than the U.N. has? For that matter, can anyone tell me why this jackass is chiding the U.S. when we have given more money than any other country, maybe even more than the others combined?

Perhaps Mr. Egeland could talk to Russia, France, and Germany and see if they will donate some of the billions they made in the corrupt oil-for-food scandal. I am sure it would not be asking too much of these countries to give back a little of the graft to support the effort. While we are at it, why don’t the members of the U.N., including Egeland, dig in to their Swiss bank accounts and pay for some of the effort with the money they skimmed off the corrupt program? Perhaps we could get Anon and his son to pony up some of the money they have stashed away. Maybe they have already spent it all on mansions in France. I just don’t hear anyone else being scolded by Egeland except the one country that has put up the most. I guess Egeland wants us to pay more taxes so he and his U.N. thugs can find a way to steal it from us.

I say no thanks to this jerk and the rest of the U.N. I have a better idea. Why don’t we shut them down and send them back to the countries they scurried in from? Perhaps we could put them in jail for a while first so they can pay their collective debts to society. We should pull out of the U.N. and require them to move out. We do not need them and I am tired of the bas**rds living the life of Riley here in the good ole USA and then bashing us every chance they get.

By the way Mr. Egeland, I looked at the list of donor countries. For some strange reason, Norway was not on it. Perhaps you should go blow your horn at home and leave us the hell alone.

This is from Crosswalk.com
Here’s what has been given in aid so far…
The United States Government – $35,000,000
Australia – $10,000,000
The European Union – $4,000,000
Canada, Spain, Germany, Ireland and Belgium – $1,000,000
Mr. Egeland stems from Norway – which surprisingly doesn’t appear on this list at all.

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