Unions Sour On Obamacare

The Democrat supporters in the labor unions supported Obamacare and helped Obama and his minions get it passed. The law is a disaster and costs a heck of a lot more than advertised. Nancy Pelosi said it had to be passed to see what was in it and now that it has passed what we see is horrible. It will not work, it will cost a lot of money, it will not cover everyone as advertised and it will cause the rest of us to pay a lot more for insurance (and that was not supposed to happen either).

It will also cost people who thought they were getting free health care.

Many unions and other Democrat supporters were granted waivers. Friends of Barry were able to get an exemption from Obamacare. But a lot of supporters did not get waivers and are now getting bitten by the law they supported.

AARP did not like it and they were big supporters. They applied for, and got, a waiver. I recommend people ditch the AARP and join the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).

It looks like a bunch of labor unions that supported Obamacare, support they do not regret because it helped Obama, are unhappy about how it affects them and their members. One labor union wants the law repealed (or completely overhauled) while others just want changes that will benefit them.

I say screw them all. They supported it and they must either live under the law or work hard to get it repealed. NO SPECIAL EXEMTIONS OR CHANGES. They do not deserve special treatment from the law they supported. They must live by it like all of us or get it completely repealed.

No more of this good enough for you but not for me stuff.

You unions don’t like the way this affects you? Well neither do we and we don’t want to be forced to comply while you get special treatment.

Time to completely repeal this monstrosity or bend over and grab your ankles.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Unions Sour On Obamacare”

  1. Blake says:

    Unions deserve whatever they get-I think they are all full of fecal matter, especially at the top, and they are moral cowards. Off with their heads-