Union Violence

The unions in America are led by thugs and some of the members are thugs who do the union bosses’ bidding. We have seen this throughout the budget debates as unions send their people to disrupt procedures and threaten people. In some cases the unions were involved in violence. The Victory of Scott Walker in Wisconsin was hard fought and the fight was against union thugs who were involved in or incited violence. One only needs to look at the calls for violence against Walker after he won to see the evil that unions can bring.

This video discusses union violence. Some people might find the images disturbing.

Union leadership uses intimidation and forced union membership to keep workers in line and it also uses intimidation and violence to get what it wants. There is no denying that unions, particularly public sector unions, have outlived their usefulness.

I have seen the intimidation tactics first hand when a union (private sector) was trying to get established in a former workplace. One of the thugs tried to coerce me and said he was not going to let me leave until he got his point across and got a commitment (I guess he thought I was going to fill out a card). He found out quickly that he was putting himself in danger.

In any event, these thugs literally get away with murder. They will not stop until they are met with equal force or until Governors like Walker take a stand and beat back these domestic terrorists.

Thanks to Aunt Barb for the link…

This is a link to the same video with a petition drive.

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One Response to “Union Violence”

  1. Blake says:

    I have always thought that unions were the bane of America- I think its funny that Union membership has been on the decrease for years, and where workers have a choice of whether or not to join a union and have to pay dues to the money-sucking leadership, they ALWAYS choose not to join. 7%- that is how low the union membership has sunk to in recent years- if not for SEIU, the unions would be less than 5%.