Union Thug Ups The “Anti” Against The VP’s Barbarians

We already know that Barack Obama’s call for civility was aimed only at the right. In his mind and the minds of his party it is the right that causes violence and that violence is the result of right wing talk. Of course this is pure bunk. The acts of violence we have seen have come from liberals as union thugs beat people. One liberal bit the finger off a TEA Party member and the whack job who shot Gabby Giffords was a liberal.

The violence on the left does not stop them from pointing fingers to the right and accusing peaceful people of committing violence. When one calls for civility it is expected that the call is for everyone to be civil. That is obviously not the case as Barack Obama ignores the violent rhetoric from the left.

Maxine Waters said the TEA Party could go straight to hell and Andre Carson said that TEA Party members of Congress would like to lynch black people.

One hears crickets chirp waiting for Barack Obama to ask these people to be civil.

This past weekend came with more uncivil talk and calls for violence against the TEA Party. Union thug and Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa called the TEA Party “sons of bitches” and said that working America was at war with them. He told Barack Obama, who spoke later at the event, that the union thugs stood at the ready to take the TEA Party out. Never mind that the TEA Party represents working America. Unions represent about 14% of the workforce and unions are a dying breed. This does not stop thugs like Hoffa from calling for violence against fellow Americans. Hoffa is anti TEA Party and anti American.

Did Obama denounce the violent rhetoric? No and he probably won’t. If union thugs get violent and harm TEA Party members Obama would remain quiet unless he could find a way to blame the violence on the right. In his world, the ends justify the means so long as the left is getting what it wants. To Obama violence is OK as long as it is perpetrated against the right. Perceived violence against the left demands a speech on civility.

Obama’s own Vice President, the brain damaged Joe Biden, gave a speech and he said that labor was under attack. He said that the other side has declared war on labor’s house and they are the only ones keeping the “barbarians at the gate.” The Vice President called the opposition barbarians while one of the union thugs called the TEA Party sons of bitches.

This is the idea of civility on the left. These people are stirring the pot. They are poking a stick in a hornet’s nest and they are provoking millions of hard working, concerned Americans. They want civil unrest to drum up another emergency so they can play it up and win the next election. They want violence from the right and they are well aware that the right does not start the violence so they are in overdrive trying to provoke a response.

While all this is going on Barack Obama ignores it. He is ignoring the violent rhetoric of his own party and supporters because he wants civil unrest.

They had better be careful what they ask for. The right will not start the violence but there are millions of us who will not sit back and be physically attacked. Throw all the verbal insults you want but do us a favor and quit with the faux concern over civility. Quit with the speeches calling for civil behavior when you have no intention of abiding by that for which you call. If you want to use violent rhetoric, go ahead but quit whining when you hear rhetoric you don’t like.

But be forewarned, while we will not start the violence we will not sit back and allow acts of violence to be committed against us. If you want to try to take the “sons of bitches” out you go right ahead but be prepared for backlash like you have never seen.

Mr. Hoffa, you sure talk a tough game. Your old man talked tough a long time ago. Have they found him yet?

The mob that is known as the liberal left is working its people into a frenzy in order to cause civil unrest. Make no mistake about it, this is the game plan. They want civil unrest and uncertainty before the next election. They want chaos and they have no problem with using violence to get what they want.

The right to self defense is never denied and in the struggle for survival against the violent left We the People will do what is necessary to protect our homes, our property, our families and our lives. The left kept poking in the 1960s until it got Kent State. That pretty much ended the violence from the left and made the country safer.

Try to take the sons of bitches out at your own risk. The gates you man have not the strength or the people power to keep the “barbarians” out should you decide to act.

Be careful. Be very, very careful.

DNC Chair avoids, deflects.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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14 Responses to “Union Thug Ups The “Anti” Against The VP’s Barbarians”

  1. Adam says:

    “Never mind that the TEA Party represents working America.”

    You mean those that used to work before they got old and retired?

    I can understand why the right is so outraged by Hoffa’s statements. He was calling on workers to vote, after all. There is nothing more violent and evil to the right than working class people exercising their right to vote. If only you could implement one of your crazy un-American schemes that would cancel out the votes of millions of Americans you find unworthy based on income.

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      “You mean those that used to work before they got old and retired?”
      What the hell does that mean? Tea Party are old people? And therefore have no rights? Or That retirement in and of itself is what…bad?
      What the hell does that statement mean?
      Make it good, Blue-hat, because from where I stand, it is hard to find a way to take what you said that is not Bigoted, age-prejudiced, or flat-out asinine.
      Come on, spit out your gum and talk.

    • Big Dog says:

      Yes Adam, he was calling on workers to vote and Palin was actually targeting them to be shot with her bull’s eye map. There is nothing in Hoffa’s speech about voting. He clearly talks about an army, war and taking people out. PERIOD. I love to watch the way you guys twist to spin something into what it clearly was not.

      The right has no problem with people voting so long as it is done in accordance with the law. The problem is the left likes to break the voting laws by allowing the dead to vote, people to vote more than once in and sometimes in more than one state, allow felons to vote, illegals to vote, and to find votes that were never cast in order to pull out a close one (done by people like Hoffa). All one needs to know to see how the left is on the subject is shown in its opposition to voter ID laws. I have to show ID to get on a plane but not to vote. I have to show my kids ID to register them in school, for sports, and to get their driver’s license but not to vote. Funny how people complain about not having ID but can produce it for government handouts.

  2. victoria says:

    Quote Hotair-“it didn’t matter to our liberal betters after Giffords was shot; the argument then was that the political “climate” in America had become so heated that it was irresponsible to use violent rhetoric or imagery even in service to a perfectly pedestrian nonviolent call for voter turnout. Remember? We were all going to clean up our language lest the scrambled brains of the Jared Loughners of the world derive some sort of incitement to murder from them where none was intended. Fast forward eight months and here’s the president of the Teamsters coloring his own turnout plea with a bunch of war metaphors and a call to start taking “sons of bitches” out, oblivious to the possibility that Loughners might exist on his side as well. How’s that post-Tucson rhetorical standard working out for you now, liberal friends? Is that bed you made for yourselves comfortable?”

    And I would add that I listened to the video and I didn’t hear anything at all about voting. All I heard was hate and violence.

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      And you are absolutely correct, Victoria. As is BD. If the left thinks for one split second that conservatives will just roll over and die, they will certainly get a rude awaking.

    • Adam says:

      The truth is that the TEA Party has brought this rhetoric from the start and there is now no place to stand on from which you can lecture the left on such matters without being supreme hypocrites. The left pretended to be more civil while the TEA Party just kept on with the same old hateful garbage. When the left stopped pretending and now refuses to take it you folks freak out. It’s hilarious.

      • Big Dog says:

        No Adam, the TEA Party did not have hateful language and did not commit acts of violence. You ignored the Code Pinkos during Bush’s tenure when the language was actually hate filled and violent. I was at those protests and saw it. There were NO hateful speeches and there has been NO violence from the TEA Party. It cannot be proven because it did not exist. It was so nonexistent that MSNBC had to crop pictures to present a false narrative. It was so peaceful that black members of Congress lied about being spat upon and called the N word. IT DID NOT HAPPEN. No evidence, no witnesses, no video, no audio, because it did not happen. It was contrived by the left to push a narrative.

        There have been a few people spewing hate at TEA Party rallies and they were asked to leave by the people there. The MSM edited out the people asking them to leave and telling them it was uncalled for and showed only a non TEA Party guy ranting. That is how you all play it but it is not true. You cannot show one violent act by a TEA Party member, one act of destruction or vandalism, one act of hatred or hate speech because the did not happen.

        The truth is you guys have started it and have been doing it all along. It is the mob in you and you can’t help it. But you can’t show that what you say is true and calling it the truth is not the same as proving it true.

      • Blake says:

        The left has NEVER pretended to be civil- remember that moron from Florida that said the right wanted people to die?
        I rest my case.

    • Adam says:

      “And I would add that I listened to the video and I didn’t hear anything at all about voting.”

      Funny. That part got cut out of all the videos used by Fox and RCP. You got duped by your own media, again.

      • Big Dog says:

        I might add that the words were intended to incite violence. No one was duped. Your side called for civlity and you have failed to exercise that. Such words, according to your messiah, could lead unstable people to do bad things. You intend for that to happen. We are no longer a silent majority. If any of Hoffa’s goons get violent they will get hurt. You cannot deny that it has been union thugs (mostly SEIU) who have beaten people at town hall meetings and outside events. They have physically attacked people and your side allows it. A man’s finger was bitten off (I would have beaten that guy to death) and it was done by one of yours. You guys call for violence and Hoofa is no different. Teamsters are violent when they do not get their way.

        It will be a different story this time around. There are more of us than them.

        And the TEA Party consists of people from all age groups who have jobs and pay taxes. You seem to think they have no rights in this country. Suck it up little fella, they are here to stay.

        • victoria says:

          Adam is still laboring under his own media that the tea party isn’t very big and is just an astro turf thing.

          • Big Dog says:

            Adam thinks they are a bunch of little old retired people but are violent too. He is confused because his mob leaders have told him things that normal people refuse to believe.

            • Blake says:

              Adam is worried about old people being violent, simply because, since they are old, they have what it takes to survive.
              My dad said getting old is not for wimps- he’s right.

    • Big Dog says:

      Not to mention that Loughner was from his side.