Unemployment Number Faked To Help Obama

Just before the last election the unemployment number did a miraculous nosedive. At the time I along with many others (most of them, unlike me, are known entities) stated that the numbers were not real. We pointed out that nothing added up and that it would be nearly impossible for such a swing to happen. We pointed out that the other indicators did not support the unemployment number.

The left crowed about how wonderful it was and that Obama’s vision was finally proving true. All hail Obama.

Of course the number had to come down because people are not reelected to the presidency with high unemployment numbers.

Now we have a story that the Census folks (those paid to do the unemployment data gathering) fudged the numbers to help Obama. Sources claim that people were told to do so in order to help Democrats, particularly Obama.

This is illegal and the person or persons involved, from those who did it to those who ordered it, should all be prosecuted.

But these folks were good little SS troops following orders just like those at the IRS who targeted conservative/TEA Party groups prior to the election.

Anything for the Dear Leader….

The road to hell is paved with liberal policies…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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