UN Socialism And Freedom OF Choice

A new tax went into effect in France. Every airline passenger in France will pay between one and forty Euros extra for their seat depending on class and destination. The plan, approved by Jacques Chirac and Kofi Annan, will go to the international fund to buy treatments for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

To me, this tax is something thrust upon the people of France (or anyone who flies from there) to fund something that has absolutely nothing to do with air travel. If they were using the money for security or upgrades to flight schedules then it might make more sense but this money is going to something that, while it might be noble, has nothing to do with flying. What will they do next, add a tax to meals to help with the fund?

I do not like these socialist ideas. I have a license required of my profession and the state tacks on a substantial fee that funds something that has nothing to do with my license. I am required to pay it or I can’t work. When you consider the shady deals that Chirac and Annan have been involved in with regard to oil-for-food, this program raises questions as to how much of the money will actually get to the people it is supposed to and how much will line the pockets of these two corrupt individuals. I have to believe that somehow, Annan’s son has a business that will benefit from this tax.

America has, so far, opposed this idea but other countries have joined in. How long will it be before they start calling us stingy again (think tsunami relief)?

A number of countries — Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nicaragua and Norway — have all signed on to the initiative, and France hopes others will follow suit.

The United States, Canada and Germany, though, oppose the levy, and several airlines have complained that it will simply add to the cost of air travel at a time of high fuel prices.

Source: Breitbart

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