UN Officials Admit they Need the US

Sometime in the last month there was a secret meeting attended by Kofi Annan the UN Secretary General. In that meeting there was a lot of discussion and the entire purpose was to save Kofi and rescue the UN. I have had conversations with Adam at Lost Adam and he wanted to know why I am so against the UN. His argument was that they are an organization that does good things and that the oil for food scandal was only one thing.

If the UN is so admirable, why do they need a secret meeting to rescue themselves? How admirable is it to take bribes to look the other way while some member nations made lots of money conducting illegal activities at the expense of the Iraqi people. How admirable was it to run in Somalia and leave the much needed supplies to the warlords? How admirable is it that blue-helmeted peacekeepers in Congo had run prostitution rings and raped women and teenage girls? All this and they don’t get prosecuted.

I believe that the UN needs to be re-worked from the top down. We need to gut the place and put people in there who will do a good job. There needs to be standards so the phrase “diplomatic immunity” will not keep wrong doers out of jail. I think the US takes far too much crap from the UN and it is time we tell them to straighten out or we will do away with them.

Adam likes to believe that we need the UN. The UN knows the truth.

the U.N. cannot succeed if it is in open dispute and constant friction with its founding nation, its host nation and its largest contributor nation.”
“The U.N., without the U.S. behind it, is a failed institution,” he said

Founding Nation-US
Host Nation-US
Largest Contributer Nation-US
I believe that gives us some say in the way things are being run.
Read the story here.

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