UN Control Of The Internet? Get Real!

Anyone who has read this site knows that Surfside and I do not care for the United Nations. I know our newest blogger, Timm, is not fond of them either. I think that if we have to belong to this morally corrupt organization and everything they say about Bolton is true, then they are getting what they deserve and we will have a stern representative looking out for our interests. There was a report from the UN working group that says control of the Internet should be turned over to the United Nations.

Senator Norm Coleman today submitted a statement into the Congressional Record denouncing the report and basically saying that this should never be allowed to happen. Coleman had this to say about the United Nations:

“My probe of the U.N. as Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations revealed management that was at best, incompetent, and at worst corrupt,” said Coleman. “The first priority for the United Nations must be fundamental reform of its management and operations rather than any expansion of its authority and responsibilities. The Internet has flourished under U.S. supervision, oversight, and private sector involvement. This growth did not happen because of increased government involvement, but rather, from the opening on the Internet to commerce and private sector innovation. Subjecting the Internet and its security to the politicized control of the UN bureaucracy would be a giant and foolhardy step backwards.”

This echoes my sentiment exactly. We should never, ever, place them in charge of anything. The technology for the Internet is very important and the great minds of America make it continually better. The UN would have it in disarray in no time and would soon find ways to siphon money out of it for their graft and corruption. Keep you eyes on this one because they will try to get control of the Internet and if they do, it will be a downhill ride for technology.

Read the story here.

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