UCSC Chancellor Hits Rock Bottom

I don’t know how I missed this but the Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz jumped off a building and killed herself. Did she jump from her flat, or jump and become flat? I reported not long ago about the UCSC campus Students Against War (SAW) chasing recruiters away in violation of the Solomon Act. I wrote about this shortly after (here, here, here and here) Michelle Malkin wrote about it in a post where she gave contact information for Chancellor Denice Denton. Malkin got a lot of grief over posting the information but only from spineless cowards who do not have the courage to face decisions they take. Now that Denton has taken the plunge there are people in the blogosphere (Reason) who claim that they are not suggesting that Malkin’s readers pushed Denton over the edge (of course not, she jumped) but would like an apology from Malkin nonetheless. Seems to me if you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to apologize for.

Denice Denton was a troubled person and the fact that she plunged to her death is not Malkin’s or anyone else’s fault. It is evident from the story of her death that she had a lesbian lover (or partner, as they are called), had recently caught hell for expensive renovations to her campus home (at campus expense) and that she had mental issues (all items that add stress to people). I can only imagine how Denton would have freaked if the hundreds of emails I sent to Congress asking that they withdraw federal money had had any effect. In any event, I am not troubled or apologetic that she is dead.

This might sound cruel to some but Denton was the Chancellor of a liberal school living a liberal lifestyle in elitist fashion. The liberals credo involves killing unborn children for whom they do not weep and for whom they have no feelings. Why on Earth should we feel badly for someone who had it all (great job, $282,000 a year) and only decided to do what her mother did not 46 years earlier. Denice Denton just did a very late term abortion and her life is now over. She decided to walk off a building and plunge to a sudden stop ending her life and that folks is her fault and her fault only. It is tragic when anyone dies but in the overall scheme of things the liberals are all about the culture of death with abortion, assisted suicide, and pulling the plug on people on life support. The fact is, liberals do not value life and Denice decided hers had no worth.

Her death is not Malkin’s fault any more than it is mine or any of the people in her life. The fault is hers and hers alone. She was mentally unstable and not a very effective leader since she could not control the animals that attacked the military recruiters. As for the bloggers and others who would like to place blame at Ms. Malkin’s feet or ask for some kind of apology or remorse let me say this, Malkin has nothing to apologize or be remorseful for. If Denton could not handle a little criticism then she had issues well beyond what problems Malkin might have brought to bear. In addition, if blog postings drive people to walk off buildings then Malkin would have taken the plunge long ago.

My God, the liberal left has written every nasty terrible thing imaginable about this woman (read some of the comments at the blog linked above). In Malkin’s book “Unhinged” she reprints some of the emails sent by the “tolerant” liberal left. The names and the accusations are far worse than anything Denton went through and Malkin did not jump off a building. Perhaps it is because she leads a more normal life with a normal support system and does not have the pressures associated with an alternate lifestyle. Whatever it is, she is not responsible for Denton’s death and insinuations of such by anyone, anywhere, are insane.

I will offer a bit of an apology. To Denice Denton’s family, I am sorry that your loved one had an illness that led her to believe her life had no value and I am sorry you failed to recognize the illness and get her help. I only hope and pray that she has finally found peace and that her penance for committing suicide is having Michelle Malkin’s postings read to her for eternity.

Some moonbats are going to attack me for that….

I guess in following Planck’s Constant and the suggestions of Reason, I might need a disclaimer:
If you read this and are going to kill yourself make sure you don’t screw it up. There is nothing worse than being so depressed you try to kill yourself and then fail at that. Your suicide note should indicate you hold no bloggers responsible for your selfishness.

Source: SFGate

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One Response to “UCSC Chancellor Hits Rock Bottom”

  1. Jo says:

    The left is all about “blame” and they lack any guts to take responsibility for their own actions. They have no spin. I too am sorry for this person’s family, but the blame is within the person whose life was lead in such a way that happiness did not appear to be part of it.