UC Santa Cruz Typical Liberals

I wrote recently about the protesters at UC Santa Cruz and how they chased military recruiters off the campus. They are now not entitled to federal funding under the Solomon Act. The interesting this is, the school realized the anti war protest could get out of hand but wanted to ensure they did not infringe on their right to free speech.

As with any liberal organization, the only rights that are protected are those of the left. The recruiters were denied their lawful right and their right to free speech. a right most of them have probably fought for. UC Santa Cruz also denies that right to anyone with whom it disagrees. I have written two comments on their site where the article about the event is published. Both of my comments have been removed. I thought that maybe I did not hit the submit button a few days ago so I commented again. I refreshed the page a few times and watched as my comment disappeared.

Obviously, this group of self indulgent liberal elitists believe that their view is the only important one. I would not delete any comment that one of them wrote here (unless it was full of expletives and inappropriate). I would not delete any comment that expressed a different point of view because I believe the right to free speech includes everyone. That is the difference between philosophies. The libs think they are smarter than the rubes with differing opinions and that no one wants to hear those hayseeds so they just try to silence them.

This is my site UC Santa Cruz and you can not silence me here. If any of you gutless cowards had the testicular fortitude to comment here, I would not delete it because I would want all readers to see what jackasses you really are.

BTW, my comment simply asked if they would now stop accepting federal money since they denied the recruiters access as required by the Solomon Act. Too cowardly to answer a simple question and they certainly can not have their elitist friends looking at an opposing viewpoint.

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UPDATE: Those liberal weenies deleted my third comment. It is not a mistake, they are filtering their comments because they are cowards. I have snapshots of the website so they can never claim that I am lying about this.

UPDATE 2: Michelle Malkin and Wild Thing have more

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One Response to “UC Santa Cruz Typical Liberals”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Excellent BD and I am glad you got a picture of it too. Good one! I agree they are cowards.