Typical Liberal Hypocrisy

Liberals are well known hypocrites. They pass laws that do not apply to them, they pass feel good legislation and then balk when they are affected by it or they do things counter to what they said is best for the rest of us. Some anti gun liberals have concealed carry permits or armed guards or both. These people do not bat an eye at imposing gun control to keep the population disarmed while they carry a firearm for protection or are escorted by armed police officers. Michael Bloomberg, the idiot from New York, is one such hypocrite.

In California two supporters of a homeless bill of rights, legislation that negates many of the vagrancy laws, have been caught having the police shoo “homeless” people from their neighborhoods and places of employment.

People from Project Veritas pretended to be homeless and did everything allowed under the legislation (sat, loitered, begged) in front of the home of one of the sponsors. They were there for a while and nothing happened. Not long after the politician backed out of his driveway and drove past them the police arrived and told them they could not be there.

They were also at the government building where one (or both) work and they were accosted by officers from the DHS. The police state is alive and well as the DHS police threaten them and violate their rights.

This is typical behavior from the brown shirts in the police state and it is typical behavior from liberal politicians.

They pass feel good laws and all is fine unless it affects them. If they are bothered by what they impose on everyone else they call the police and have you harassed.

The video highlights the hypocrisy.

Ironically, the DHS officers demand to see what is on the camera as if it is illegal to record in public. All this from workers at an agency that wants more video surveillance cameras to record everything we do.

We need more recording of what the people who work for us are doing. Hell, the recent number of murders at the hands of police officers is justification for everyone to record.

And for the absolute defense of the Second Amendment.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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