Twenty-one Years Later Kerry Answers His Own Question

On April 23rd, 1971 John F Kerry, speaking on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War asked this question; “We are asking Americans to think about that because how do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?” John Kerry answered that question in 1992 when he chaired a commission looking into the issue of POW/MIAs in Vietnam. Kerry, along with John McCain, ignored the facts and evidence in order to declare that no Americans were alive in Vietnam (who did not want to be there) and that the matter was closed. The tactics that were used by these two and their henchmen were all part of a continuing cover-up designed to keep America from being embarrassed by having to admit she left people behind. The cover-up started in the Nixon administration and went through the Clinton administration and involved many of the same people who still serve the government today. Unfortunately, the people involved in the cover-up condemned a lot of American warriors to a hard life in prison where their fate will never be known. Kerry did it to help reestablish relations with Vietnam (a relative was part of the first American company back in that country) and he did it at the expense of people who were much better men than he.

The book An Enormous Crime by Bill Hendon and Elizabeth Stewart detail the issue of POW/MIAs from the very beginning until the Kerry dismissal of the evidence. There are countless items discussing sightings of Americans held in captivity years after the war ended and while Vietnam was declaring it held no Americans. The truth is they held Americans and were trying to use them as a bargaining tool in order to get America to pay for the repairs to Vietnam. Vietnam declared itself the victor and as such, demanded that America pay reparations in accordance with the Paris Peace Accord (which Vietnam broke). All through this book the evidence mounts and leaves no doubt that Americans were being held captive. The book also shows the dark side of government where people refused to acknowledge that Americans existed because they did not want us to pay Vietnam for their release.

Commission after commission was established to investigate the issue and every one of them had the same marching order; to put Vietnam behind us by declaring the Americans dead and that none were held against their will. John Kerry had the same agenda in order to put the Vietnam war behind us and normalize relations with that country. Kerry lied (and was caught on tape) and he ignored evidence presented. He detailed an account of a trip to Vietnam by fabricating the events that took place. In all reality, Kerry and McCain were denying things that were continually being reported from multiple sources.

I recommend the book and guarantee that it will leave the reader bewildered at the actions of our government and the cover-up that took place over multiple administrations. It also shows why Ross Perot ran for the presidency (I hated Clinton but am now glad Perot screwed H.W. Bush, which was his intention). It also shows why McCain was derailed in 2000 and Kerry in 2004. Veterans remembered what these two so called leaders did and exacted revenge. It is just as well because after reading this book I am more convinced than ever that neither McCain nor Kerry ever belong in the White House and in my opinion, neither are fit to serve in any capacity.

Ever wonder why soldiers spend a lot of time and resources looking for their missing comrades? The whole Vietnam fiasco showed our warriors that they must never trust their government to protect or save them. After the war they become forgotten pawns whisked from the chess board, never to be heard from again. Never leave a soldier behind is a duty that can never be entrusted to our leaders who will do anything to stay in office, including, as our heroes McCain and Kerry did, calling POW advocacy groups criminal and the whole POW issue a hoax.

John Kerry asked how you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake. He and McCain answered that question by letting us know that you do not ask that man to be the last to die. You just ignore him and pretend he does not exist and let him die a long, slow, agonizing death separated from his family and forgotten by his country.

It is unfortunate that McCain and Kerry were not the ones left behind.

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9 Responses to “Twenty-one Years Later Kerry Answers His Own Question”

  1. Raven says:

    UUgh. Will get the book. Kerry would screw over a fellow vet for any sort of or form of political gain. In the end this is what John Kerry and John McCain are about. At least McCain has a little respect simply for being a POW- but he should be more shamed too.

    Thanks for the review…I’ll order the book NOW.

  2. Patsy says:

    We could have Americans alive, held captve in Vietnam right now, tonight. This is horrible. Why doesn’t someone go rescue them?

  3. Sheila says:

    I just finished reading An Enormous Crime, written by Rep Bill Hendon and Elizabeth Stewart. The evidence speaks for itself, no matter what professional career politicians say…American Prisoners-of-war WERE left alive in Southeast Asia. Everyone who could have done something about it knew, and did nothing.
    I have found my whole concept of American government really shaken to the core since September 11, 2007. I knew there were secrets, sex, lies, and videotapes, but I never dreamed our government, whom we trust to act in our best interest would commit an act of such dishonor.
    After reading this book, I was weeping, nauseous, and absolutely white-hot with fury. The very idea of “War-hero” John McCain and the sanctimoniously mooing John Kerry actively participating in the act of burying our missing servicemen alive in Southeast Asia, then pretending they are men of integrity who deserve to be President is beyond the pale.
    I am torn between a maniacal desire to buy a bullhorn and a ticket to North Vietnam, travel to Washington DC and storm the White House so I can shake George Bush until his teeth rattle, and just sit down and bawl.
    I do know this, we MUST start making noise. Lots of noise.
    Unless and until we do, there will NEVER be any moral high ground we can ever claim again.


    Read the Patriot It’s Right–It’s Free
    Veritas vos Liberabit

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  6. Patsy says:

    Wow, Sheila. I am going to have to buy this book and read it. I am half afraid to. And more afraid not to. We must get to the truth of this and our American serivemen left behind must be rescued and brought home.

  7. Big Dog says:

    Unfortunately, there will be few alive this many years later. They lived harsh lives and probably lost their will to survive. Can you imagine sitting in a jail for years wondering why they have forgotten about you?

  8. Patsy says:

    No I cannot, Big Dog. But shouldn’t we investigate this, in case there Americans alive, still held captive? What if there are men still waiting for us to come for them? Do we take that chance?

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