Tuesday Trackback Party

Looks like the gang is having a trackback Tuesday. If you want to join in the fun just link to this site and throw a trackback this way. The below listed sites would appreciate it if you threw them a bone as well.

So what are you waiting for? (probably the weekend when there will be more trackback parties?)

The rest of the gang…

The Political Teen | Cafe Oregano | The Indepundit | Jo’s Cafe | Mudville Gazette | California Conservative | bRight & Early | Right On The Right

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4 Responses to “Tuesday Trackback Party”

  1. Another Spam Tragedy

    I have on several occasions stated my belief that advertisers are as much victims of spammers as the EMAIL recipients. The basic business model is something like this: Naive new web user X sets up a web site. X sees…

  2. What aren’t they telling us about the OU jihadi bombing, and why?

    Still under the weather. Just click here, here, here, here, here and here. Update: The Waco Kid has a damned good question: Suppose Joel Hinrichs, the Oklahoma “suicide bomber” was a member of a radical pro-life group, and he blew

  3. Don Surber says:

    Byrd Flu

    Using taxpayers to fund self-aggrandizing projects to gain re-election is a disease that has jumped species in West Virginia from federal officeholder to state legislator. Every delegate and state senator fancies himself as a Bob Byrd mini-me

  4. Penn Kemble, Cold War hero, dead at 64

    This may not have been spoken about by the MSM, but Penn Kemble of the Freedom House has passed away.