I’ve always been a big fan of The Who. Great song. Sad video:

See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me.

I’m seriously just beyond furious that this stuff is going on. I’m right there with the fellow who recently told the TSA, “You touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.” I’m shocked that the TSA agent didn’t just ignore him. You see, the local cops are NOT going to help you here, as seen in that incident. If the TSA did sexually assault him, you can bet no cop would have taken any report, and the TSA would not do anything. If you have a shiny TSA badge, sexual assault IS legal, and child porn IS legal. They’re not going to arrest themselves!

I think another thing that would have been nice to ask is, “Okay, so you’re going to grab my privates without my permission. What will happen to me if I grab YOUR privates without your permission?”

And a threat of a $10,000 fine if you don’t willingly submit to sexual assault? Absolutely unbelievable. You really, really have to be blind and foolish to even suspect there is any freedom in America today.

Also, a note on the video above — some might complain that Obama is in the video. Know what? He is the one person who could literally stop these assaults in a second. The TSA works for him. He could tell them to stop now, and they’d stop. His silence on this issue is deafening.


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19 Responses to “TSA”

  1. Mr. Ogre says:

    I got a response from my Congressman, after I expressed my outrage about the nude scanning or groping. I’ll paraphrase his response:

    “Suck it.”

    Somehow, I’m not surprised.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Remember when you went through Basic Training and some poor schmo did something wrong and about a million drill sergeants got around him and gave him a verbal beat down? While you watched it you thought, “Man, I won’t ever do what he did and I hope I don’t screw up.”

    This is the same thing. Decide not to go through the radiation chamber and you get a beat down and a very public one at that. It is a message to all the other people who might think about opting out of the radiation chamber.

    While you are being felt up they are saying “man, I’ll just go through the machine.”

    It is public intimidation in order to get people to comply.

    I will not go through the radiation chamber and have not decided whether I will moan while being groped or if I will ask him to do it again. Maybe I’ll just ask him if he is available and see what kind of response I get.

  3. Adam says:

    This is an issue some on the left and right can agree with and oppose together. In the spirit of that togetherness you managed to find a video that gathers together all the forces of lunacy on the web.

    Read the comments on the video you linked to. I particularly like the racist and homophobic slurs against Obama and Napolitano. But don’t forget the lovely insults and personal attacks on TSA employees and Muslims mixed in with talk of conspiracy and secret agendas. Sprinkle on top a bit of the talk of violence, blood shed, and general anti-government rhetoric and it’s fun times for all.

    I can’t see that the Who would appreciate their song being used as a rally cry for radical Internet morons. But then again most people on You Tube probably think the Who wrote their songs for use on the show CSI.

    • Blake says:

      Adam, I cannot see that people who rightly oppose these violations of their privacy are “internet morons”- Tell me who said this-“Those who would surrender their liberty for the sake of safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
      Now tell me of ONE- just one- incident where all this inttrusive shampoo confiscating, bic lighter stealing, and compulsory sexual assault have saved ANYONE- anyone at all, Adam- go on, I’ll wait- I can listen to the WHO while I wait.
      THERE HAVE BEEN NO INCIDENTS- then or now- that all this has caught- just another way for the government to get you used to being herded like cattle, and I won’t stand for it.
      My new bumper sticker might just combine all things in one- “Don’t taze my junk, Bro, or else the IRS will fine you for illegal Obamacare costs”

  4. victoria says:

    Never mind the 4th amendment. Everyone gets treated like a criminal except the true criminals. That is because this adminstration cannot even voice the name of the true criminals.

  5. Ogre says:

    “radical Internet morons:”

    So, Adam, do you support the scans and enhanced pat-downs? Can I count you as one who believes that men with badges touching 14-year old girls in the private area is making people safer?

    • Adam says:

      I do not support the scanning. I think it’s outrageous in fact. My outrage just doesn’t lead me to be a bigoted moron like it apparently does the people commenting on that video.

      • Mr. Ogre says:

        Ah, okay. I was just wondering where you were on this one. I didn’t really read the comments on the video.

        • Big Dog says:

          It does not matter what the people who commented said. The issue is what is going on and the moronic comments of a few does not negate the point of a video anymore than the rantings of commenters negates a perfectly apt post at a left wing site.

          The issue is the TSA and its NAZI like tactics.

  6. Mr. Ogre says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Today the TSA announced that they are perhaps indeed going to fine a person $11,000 for refusing to allow them to touch their private areas. Holy crap.

  7. Adam says:

    Let’s not ignore the fact that the scanning machine usage dates back to the Bush Administration:

    Chertoff’s advocacy for the technology dates back to his time in the Bush administration. In 2005, Homeland Security ordered the government’s first batch of the scanners — five from California-based Rapiscan Systems.

    It has certainly greatly escalated since the underwear bomber but let’s not pretend Obama is alone in this.

    No, I don’t support the usage of the technology but I’m having a hard time accepting the outrage by members of the right on this either. Your side has used terrorism as a wedge issue to gain power and marginalize the left for the last decade and it has created a massive climate of fear in the process. Now the chickens have come home to roost in a big way because of it.

  8. Ogre says:

    See, now I’m more interested in stopping this than placing blame. I don’t really give a damn who put it in place. I do know Obama can stop it in a minute if he wants.

    I also know Bush created the Homeland Security BS, and the entire department could be removed tomorrow and nothing but good things would happen.

    And please stop trying to connect me to “your side” as the right and Republicans. I haven’t been registered Republican in a decade or so. I don’t count myself in as one of those supporting the alleged “war on terror” because I know it’s crap. At the same time, I also know that Islam IS at war with us, our government is just too cowardly to admit it.

    • Adam says:

      The “your side” was not so much specific to you as it was the general participants of this blog which have very much been a part of what I’m accusing them of. Considering this is “your” post however I can see how “your side” can come off that way so it was a poor choice of words on my part.

      That being said though I just want to constantly remind those on this site that it was not under Obama that the erosion of our civil rights in the name of protection from terrorism began.

      Yet, Obama’s continuation and escalation of these policies is just one more reason why he’s losing independent voters and even sections of his base. But that’s what happens when you stop campaigning in theory and rhetoric and start leading in reality. You tend to make a few people angry.

      • Big Dog says:

        Ah yes, the idea that one actually has to lead. It is tough for someone who has never actually led anything.

        While I agree with Ogre concerning the DHS I also note that the erosion of rights about which you speak are drastically different from the TSA Nazis and their tactics. Under the Patriot Act there at least had to be evidence that you were doing something wrong. We can debate all day the values of the Act but the reality is that there had to be something tying a person to wrongdoing.

        The TSA is conducting unlawful searches on everyone with no evidence that they are doing anything wrong. People are being searched without probable cause and this is much different than the so called erosion of rights about which you speak.

        Yes, the machines came about under Bush with Chertoff calling for more of them. No problem with that as long as people are free to opt out without being “punished” with a sexual assault. If they want to put the machines in and allow people to choose then fine but choosing NO should not result in being felt up.

        What next? The machines do not look into the body so will it be OK for them to do rectal checks (or vaginal checks) in the name of safety?

        They say these machines are safe but where is the test data? What happens to women of child bearing age who might be pregnant but not yet aware of their pregnancy?

        We can discuss when this all started but one thing is certain, the sexual assaults (the intimidation to gain compliance) did not start under Bush. This happened under Big Sis and Obama and he can put an end to it.

  9. Ogre says:

    And that last statement is the most important to me — Obama could end this in a minute if he wanted to. Since he has not, he is clearly in support of the idea that a man groping a 14-year old girl is supposed to “make people safe.”

    Then again, most of the Nuremberg laws were passed to “make people safe,” too.

  10. Schatzee says:

    How are they justifying this with the 4th Amendment? They can’t search your car without probable cause and if they ask to do so before you are “free to exit” it is considered a seizure tantamount to arrest – again something in violation of our 4th Amendment rights. So how is this physical intrusion being justified? My body parts – all of them not just the good ones – are not subject to search by anyone without probable cause anywhere outside the airport but we suspend that for the TSA? All in the name of “for our own good”? I hate to get creamed as one of those “your side” people here but this just smells of creeping incrementalism where they are taking more and more of our rights away, explaining it as necessary for our own good, just to make sure that they can swipe them all out sooner or later and do what the hell they want.

    This is disgusting – how can the same government that refuses to take action against people who enter our country illegally use the same breath to take this kind of action against its citizens? Someone who breaks the law – a great big fat PASS. Citizen with no probable cause – gets the rack. (Actually gets their rack grabbed – my mistake.)