TSA: We Will Fondle You!

…and if you don’t like it, we WILL DESTROY YOU.

So says the TSA to the state of Texas. And sadly, Texas backs down.

It’s so sad that this happens in a country founded on liberty.

The details: The state of Texas wanted to make it a crime for someone to fondle a person’s breasts, butt, or other sexual organs against their will. That seems like a reasonable law, doesn’t it? It’s got a victim, and there’s a clear crime. But no, says the federal government. The federal government says that they ARE going to finger people and touch sexual organs all they want. And if Texas makes groping people a crime, then the state of Texas will be shut down. The federal government will send troops and use violence to be sure they are allowed to touch people any damn way they want to.

The Texas House had already passed the law. But the feds openly threatened the Senate (you know, threatening people used to be a crime, too), and sadly the Senate backed down.

I really wish the Senate would have had the balls to call the feds on this one. But well, another blow for liberty and freedom. I can’t say I’m surprised.

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2 Responses to “TSA: We Will Fondle You!”

  1. Macker says:

    What else would you expect from teh gheys who run this government!

  2. Blake says:

    Well, Macker, I am from Texas, and I was really hoping, as was Mr. Ogre, that Texas would call the Fascist government’s bluff.
    Especially since we have one of four indispensible Hubs, D-FW Airport, in the US-
    Go on, Feds- Make my Day.
    I can’t understand why anyone would want to leave Texas anyway.