Tribes Clash, Violence Escalates

When different tribes clash because of mutual hatred people die in large numbers. Hatred for individuals based on some difference such as skin color or religious affiliation is illogical but unfortunately leads to violence and death. A lot of attention is given to the Sunni/Shia conflict in Iraq, a conflict that has been labeled a civil war by the Democrats and the MSM.

Half way around the world in Los Angeles two tribes are having similar problems except skin color, not religion, is the motivating factor. Latino and black gang members in Los Angeles are killing each other in hatred motivated by differences in culture and skin color. A 14 year old black girl was shot to death in retaliation for the shooting of a Latino. The girl was randomly selected and the sole criteria was her skin color.

Tensions run high as Illegal Mexicans arrive in LA and take jobs. This makes it harder for the black population to obtain work. language is a barrier and many Mexicans are unaccustomed to living around large numbers of black people. The violence is up in that area despite a national trend showing a decrease in violent crimes. These tribes are a microcosm of our society and these scenes will likely be replayed across the country as more Mexican ILLEGALS arrive and inhabit America’s large cities.

There is a lot of talk about civil war in Iraq and the number of people being killed. We are inundated with hourly news depicting the violence in that country and yet, our news services remain relatively silent with regard to the civil war that is taking place on our own soil. Certainly, given the criteria for civil war established by Democrats and the MSM, LA is in the midst of such a civil war. The FBI is consulting on how to handle the situation and there will likely be an increased presence of law enforcement officers. Will that surge in police stem the tide of unrest? The political leaders seem to believe it will, though they will challenge the effectiveness of any such move in Iraq.

America has its head in the sand. We have regular death tolls regarding our military in Iraq. The MSM and the left seem almost gleeful when reporting on these deaths and yet they still remain silent on the deaths in America. Many Americans are killed each year, especially in the major cities. Not only is this under reported but there is also no call for a redeployment of the police. Cities ask for more law enforcement officers to deal with these problems while the so called leaders of this country call for fewer troops and their quick removal from Iraq.

As you listen to the Democrats complain about an increase in troop levels and as they tout their cut and run philosophies while the MSM enumerates military deaths in the background, keep in mind that America is a dangerous place and the major cities have their own civil wars occurring. Keep in mind that we are not fighting a war on our soil and yet tens of thousands of Americans are being killed. When Democrats ask what needs to be done tell them to clean up the mess in America and let the military handle the war. It is time to stop tribal warfare in America.


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One Response to “Tribes Clash, Violence Escalates”

  1. TexasFred says:

    Outstanding post Dog, I was tempted to post on it as well, I saw it when I got up at 0530 this AM, I have been watching the weather for my wife, she’s in her office, 37 miles from home and has over 100 trucks on the road all over Okla and Texas and they are in a real ‘pickle’ today…

    Anyway, I looked at this one and had some serious thoughts too, but they weren’t very nice so I let it go…

    You did good… :)