Traitor Ritter Is At It Again!

Frequent visitors to Big Dog’s know that I have been on the roll with the treasonous actions of former UN weapons inspector and an embarrassment to his Marine brothers — Scott Ritter. Boiling oil and bamboo shoots under the fingernails would be to good for a turncoat like Ritter. Speaking his mind is not the problem. We live in a country where free speech is a right. Aiding and abetting the enemy is another thing entirely.

It comes as no surprise that Ritter’s vitriolic condemnation of his country has increased with the approach of his book’s publication. The book, Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story of America’s Intelligence Conspiracy, is scheduled to be released this summer. It will be published by a British publishing house run by an Iranian CEO.

This week, he published the same article in two Islamic jihadist-friendly news outlets: al Jazeera/; and, Although published under different titles, the article remains the same — as does Ritter’s anti-American views. If you read between the lines, Ritter actually tries to backpedal from his assertion at the beginning of the Iraq incursion: that America could not win the war. The piece essential tries to defend this view by claiming Iraq’s new government will self-destruct because it’s “made in America.” Ritter asserts that there’s more than one way to lose the war. He incites the very factions we are trying to either defeat or defuse.

The purple finger revolution of January 2005 has proved only one thing: that the US media is capable of building something out of nothing.

Any informed observer of Iraq could have predicted the failure of the elections to produce any viable result; Iraq as a nation state was simply too deeply fractured for a process sponsored by an illegitimate military occupier to succeed.

But one doesn’t need to be an expert on Iraq to have figured this out.

The simple fact is that one cannot construct something viable when the foundation one seeks to build on is a corrupt one.

A corrupt foundation guarantees one thing only – that what is sought to be built will eventually collapse because of its own inherent weakness. — by Scott Ritter, al-Jazeera via

Yes, Ritter vents his diatribe of grievances against the US and the UK. One can only assume he wants to prime his target audience for those books sales — give them a taste of the blood in the water.

He also recently wrote a piece for the British anti-US rag, the Guardian. This piece was reprinted in Village Soup, a Maine news outlet. In the op/ed, entitled “Bravery in A Sea of Cowards,” Ritter extols the virtues of British politician George Galloway. Galloway has been implicated in the Oil-for-Food scandal and testified (if one could call it that) in front of the Senate subcommittee investigating the scandal. Galloway and Ritter were both allegedly the recipients of Saddam’s largess and, apparently, have each other’s back. Ritter allegedly received money from Saddam through a third party to produce a pre-emptive anti-war video. Galloway allegedly received money through a bogus Iraqi charity.

And now the same man has done something that no other British politician has been brave enough to do: cross the Atlantic and confront the United States over the lies spread about the reasons for war with Iraq, the oil for food agreement and the failure of US lawmakers to do their own job when it comes to the rule of law.

George Galloway, the politician in question, stared down the US Senate subcommittee on homeland security and government affairs, and its notoriously partisan chairman Norm Coleman, and blasted as totally unfounded the committee’s allegations that he had profited from oil vouchers in exchange for his anti-war stance. He emerged from the hearing victorious. If only more politicians, British and American alike, were able to display such courage in the face of the atmosphere of neoconservative intimidation prevalent in Washington these days. — by Scott Ritter, the Guardian via Village Soup

Yes, it seems Ritter panders almost as well as he commits treason. One must be mindful of future book sales! This is the same Galloway that refused to actually answer any of the investigating committee’s questions — and chose, instead, to pontificate and bloviate regarding his views on the Iraq war. This is the same Galloway that once said the saddest day of his life was when the Soviet Union fell. Many of Galloway’s own countrymen are mortified by his behavior. One veteran British reporter believes the only reason Galloway was reelected to his seat was because his district is comprised of Islamic extremist groups and socialist factions:

His [Galloway’s] chief appeal was to the militant Islamist element among Asian immigrants who live in large numbers in his district, and his main organizational muscle was provided by a depraved sub-Leninist sect called the Socialist Workers party. The servants of the one god finally meet the votaries of the one-party state. Perfect. To this most opportunist of alliances, add some Tory and Liberal Democrat “tactical voters” whose hatred of Tony Blair eclipses everything else. — by Christopher Hitchens, Frontpage

The truth is that Ritter doesn’t embrace any higher moral calling. (Come to think of it, Ritter wouldn’t recognize a higher moral calling if it fell on his head wrapped in a 100 lb. boulder.) It is all about the money — the money he can garner from any anti-American, anti-war publisher, leader or faction. Scott Ritter is a political prostitute who will sell himself and sell out his country to the highest bidder.

You can read my previous Ritter posts here, here and here.

(I encourage everyone to read “Saddam’s Favorite MP,” the Frontpage piece by Christopher Hitchens. Although long, the piece is extremely informative about Saddam’s Iraq, the Oil-for-Food program, and Galloway. Hitchens is British and gives an interesting view of these issues.)

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One Response to “Traitor Ritter Is At It Again!”

  1. Big Dog says:

    You have hit the nail on the head with regard to this waste of flesh. I think that instead of flushing the Koran down the john we should flush Ritter’s book. Of course, only if we do not have to pay for it. I would not want him to make any money off me. I would not be surprised if Hussein’s people in hiding have bought a million advanced copies.

    Ritter should be tortured and then flushed down a commode. Not because of what he says, he is entitled to that but because he sold out our country to the enemy. Traitor!