Tough Cop Assaults Little Old Lady

A 68 year old grandmother who went to a police station to turn herself in for hitting her granddaughter was assaulted by a police officer. The elderly lady waited a long time and police say she got up to leave (though her statement sheds doubt on that) and they hit her FIVE times with a Tazer.

She was lying in a fetal position and unable to move (which is what a Tazer does to you) and they ordered her to get up. When she did not they Tazed her again, and again, and so on.

Would someone tell me what kind of donut munching moron needs to use a Tazer on a 68 year old woman. Are the cops in Franklin Ohio in such bad shape they are unable to keep a 68 year old woman from leaving without having to shock the hell out of her? Can someone from this Krispy Kreme haven explain why this officer felt his first negotiation skill had to be using a Tazer. The police say she was resisting arrest. How in the name of goodness was she resisting arrest when she went to the police station on her own. How do these dim wits know she did not have to use the restroom?

Even if she had gotten up to leave why did he feel it was necessary to zap her? I would think that any cop who was probably half her age could have stopped her from leaving and this is a police station full of cops. If she did leave where was she going? I believe that this officer used excessive force on the woman and needs to be fired.

The woman had to be taken to the hospital. Nice job you brave hunk of man. I have seen the slide show and this cop is a big burly guy who pushes her into the seat and then takes out a Tazer and zaps her. What a guy. He claims he was the victim. I have one question for this jackass, how can you be the victim when you are armed with a Tazer, a gun, pepper spray, and a night-stick?

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