Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Berkeley Anymore

Not long ago a group of anti war hags from Code Pinko vandalized a Marine recruiting station in Berkeley California. They put their anti war crap all over the outside of the place and their intent was to drive the recruiters out of that bastion of liberal stupidity. Anti war protesters from CodePINK, Grandmothers Against the War, Berkeley East Bay Gray Panthers, Women in Black as well as others ran into a little roadblock this week when groups of pro America patriots who support the troops and their mission showed up to counter the protest.

The anti war moonbats were outnumbered 2:1 and were kept far away from the recruiting station by people who support the military and its mission. About 500 people showed up to keep the moonbats at bay and to ensure they did not vandalize the station again. Of course, they could still sneak back under cover of darkness and put up their communist propaganda but the message was loud and clear, this is not your father’s Berkeley.

One of the grannies complained that she was manhandled by one of the good guys. I was not there but I have doubts about this. The good guys do not usually get physical unless they are attacked first. When I have gone with the Gathering of Eagles it is usually the peaceful people who push, shove and taunt the pro troop counter protesters. If I had to bet I would say granny tried to get past them to the recruiting office and was stopped. Here is what granny had to say:

One of the peace advocates, Sheila Goldmacher, a Berkeley woman with Grandmothers Against the War, said she was pushed and shoved by the flag-wavers. “They have a right to be here — they do not have the right to be thugs,” she said. Contra Costa Times

As I stated, I doubt she was assaulted because no one was arrested and I am sure that if the police there would have seen any abuse they would have taken care of it. In any event, let us restate granny’s words to put them back on her. Granny, you have a right to be there but you do not have the right to vandalize the recruiting station.

Any questions?

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Berkeley Anymore”

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  2. Big Dog says:

    There are those like Billy Troll who want to know what kind of vandalism was done to the station. Signs, things on the glass, code pinko stuff all over. That is vandalism and they should keep their stuff to themselves.

    Amazingly, there are idiots like troll who would say that it was OK to do these things and that no one is hurting anything. You may protest you are not allowed to vandalize.

    The people who showed up are patriots and they were able to present the other side of the story. Troll and others will ask why these people are not out fighting the real war if they believe in it. Most of them have served and many have fought in this war and/or others.

    The question is, why are the code pinko folks not fighting for this country instead of fighting against it.