Total Indoctrination

Progressives have been slowly changing the paradigm of how the nation works and they use propaganda to influence people. Simply stated, they indoctrinate people. While this has been a slow process that took baby steps over the decades we are now in full bore overload. Society is bombarded with propaganda and the educational system has jumped in with both feet to rapidly accelerate the process of indoctrinating our children.

For decades government programs have been introduced and they have been given great names and described as great causes to help people (or, the granddaddy of them all, to help the children). Social Security was passed off as a safety net to help people save for their retirement. It only cost a little and the amount taken would stay small. Your money would be there for you when you retire so you can enjoy life after work.

Ditto with Medicare.

How could people object to such a program? A little each paycheck gets set aside and when they retire, bam, they have money. The money paid into Medicaid will ensure they have health care in their Golden Years.

The reality is these programs were designed to enslave people by making them dependent on government. People did not save as much because they would get a Social Security check. People always figured that money would be there for them. Now the money is gone because government confiscated it and spent it on pet projects. The only way to get it back is to borrow money or raise taxes (or some combination of both). No matter the choice, we have to eventually pay for it. What this means is we pay for this program at least twice.

The people who are (or will soon be) on Social Security are enslaved and held hostage. The parade of horrors is presented and people do not like it. They are afraid that their money, the money they rely on, will not be there so they pressure politicians to raise taxes on producers to cover their current needs. They really don’t care how those working will be affected because they are only concerned about getting their check now. They are held hostage by government and used as pawns to advance an agenda.

The tax system originally did not include taxes on income the way it is done now. The government took care of that by getting an Amendment passed that allowed them to tax all sources without apportionment. Then government devised a scheme that takes a little of your money each pay for taxes. That way you will not see how much of your money they get. The system is further set up to redistribute wealth by sending tax refunds to those who paid little or no taxes. Couple that with people who get refunds and think they are getting money from the government and the indoctrination is successful. The evil rich are continually attacked and the people who pay no taxes are in line to get hand outs or get returns they do not deserve. Just keep my money coming.

If EVERY wage earner paid income taxes and if we were all required to write one big check each year things would change fast. But folks have been slowly trained to accept the current scheme so that they think it is no big deal. If you are not paying any taxes you think the world is grand.

The indoctrination continues with the erosion of the Constitution. The 14th Amendment was never supposed to give citizenship to babies born of people who are here illegally. But the practice has been too use that Amendment as if it did and then give citizenship to babies born of illegals and then pay the families all the wonderful government hand outs. People have learned to accept that scheme because government indoctrinated them with lies and laws that circumvent or ignore our Constitution.

The Second Amendment is under attack. It has been for decades and the attacks of the past have been slow and incremental. Push one law here, one requirement there and people will not object too much. Use tragedies to introduce some new infringing law and get support of the uneducated who are slaves to government.

The process has progressed rapidly here of late. The progressives have invented a term to describe a rifle and that term is “Assault Weapon.” Assault is an action and people take actions. A firearm cannot be an assault weapon any more than a fork can be an assault fork. Both items can be used by a person to assault someone but neither can assault anyone. But that term is used freely by the left so as to instill fear in people and make them want to ban such firearms.

The people are indoctrinated into the progressive belief that these firearms are bad and no one really needs them. The progressives lie about the Second Amendment to further indoctrinate the uneducated and low information people so that they will oppose these firearms. The goal of progressives is to disarm people so they can be controlled. The progressives use indoctrinated people to help in this goal.

It has been accelerated now under Common Core. Our children are being taught that the Second Amendment allows people to own firearms ONLY if they have government permission, are part of a militia and register them.

The Second Amendment says no such thing and any historical analysis of that Amendment will not show these to be true. In fact, the exact opposite is true. BUT, if the progressives in education can make our children believe these lies they will grow up believing that they do not have the right to keep and bear arms unless they meet criteria determined by government. In a few generations adults will come from the indoctrinated youth who were lied to in order to push an agenda of control.

Teach children that homosexual behavior is normal and that marriage does not mean between one man and one woman and they grow up believing that it is perfectly normal for there to be two daddies or mommies and that the traditional family is obsolete. Indoctrination is then successful and society crumbles a little more.

Religion is another area where progressives are indoctrinating our children. The progressives continue to fight to get all aspects of religion, particularly Christian religion, stricken from society. Teachers attack children who pray or express their beliefs. Tell people often enough that religion is not allowed in government and they will believe it. The phrase Separation of Church and State is a prime example of indoctrination. People believe that phrase is part of the Constitution because they have been told that it was over and over again.

The State of Maryland had a situation yesterday at a university. An Active Shooter alert was sent out telling students and faculty to shelter in place (cower in place). This was done because someone reported seeing a person with a gun. How can a person with a gun be an ACTIVE SHOOTER if that person is not, ACTIVELY SHOOTING? No one reported shots. It was only reported that someone thought they saw a person with a gun.

Turns out there were two youngsters with BB guns (which are not firearms). They were not active shooters.

But by calling it this the university creates the impression that someone with a gun is an active shooter even if that person is not shooting. We get to a point where people are no longer allowed to display any kind of firearm because they will then be an active shooter. The indoctrination is successful in changing a definition and pushing toward getting rid of active shooters by getting rid of guns because any ownership of the gun makes one an active shooter.

There are plenty of other examples each day from unemployment numbers to Obamacare numbers. The lies about the numbers in each case are designed to indoctrinate people into the belief that what government is doing is working. The fact that the economy remains in the toilet and that the real unemployment numbers demonstrate complete failure are hidden under the rug to push that agenda. Get enough people to believe you are doing a good job and they will keep putting you and others like you in office.

We hear how 7 million people have allegedly signed up for Obamacare. The progressives tout this as a major accomplishment and say it proves Obamacare is working great and that people want it. The real story is not told. No one knows how many of those who signed up actually paid their premiums. No one knows how many of them were placed into Medicaid (welfare taxpayers foot the bill for) and no one ever discusses the reality that even if all 7 million paid in to real plans it is still failure.

You see, Obamacare caused 6 million people to lose their health insurance so at best there is a 1 million net gain. No one is discussing how many healthy young people are part of this group because they are not flocking to sign up. The entire mess is a failure but progressives hide the facts to fool the uneducated and to enslave people to government. Once the plan is in full force it will never be repealed and the progressives know that.

Obamacare will eventually get to where Social Security is. It will cost too much and be unsustainable but it will have enslaved so many people they, like the elderly, will be enslaved and held hostage by a government program.

Do not allow yourself and your children to be indoctrinated. Do not believe what government tells you. Government is not there to make your life easier or to provide for you. All governments eventually enslave their people and abuse them.

We have a whole lot of people who are already on the plantation and will have many more if we do not stay vigilant. Teach your children to reject the lies. teach them the truth.

Better yet, send them to private schools or home school them.

Our country’s future depends on free thinking people who are not mind numbed drones indoctrinated by the elitists.

Push back. The most powerful weapon in the world is knowledge. They can never take that away and they fear well informed people. Yes, firearms and the Second Amendment are important but the firearm is the tool. The person is the weapon and a knowledgeable person is the most dangerous weapon of all.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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  1. Blake says:

    It is asinine to believe that homosexualit is normal behavior- it clearly is not,and one can apply one test here- do the couple’s sexual actins produce a child? EVER? Of course not, which makes it, by implicit definition a variant, or deviant behavior.