Torpedo Alito Alert

Since George Bush became the President the left has tried to take him down. They have continued to fire salvo after salvo and yet, like poor marksmen, they fail to hit the target. The left tried to tell us that Bush was illegitimate, he lied and people died, the war was for oil, the Plame fiasco was his, and on and on. They have vowed to shoot down his Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito.

Despite the fact the Democrats all say they have open minds and will wait until after the hearings to decide, they have, as I predicted, already made up their minds. They do not want Alito on the bench and they will do anything to stop him. They are already talking about delaying the confirmation hearing a week and the only reason is so anti-Alito groups can air more negative ads. Now they think they have found the bomb shell that will sink the nomination.

Alito joined a group called the Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP) to protest the fact that Princeton would not allow ROTC on campus (I though all good donks were in love with protests, ala Cindy Sheehan). It seems that some other guy wrote a piece in the Prospect, the CAP periodical, and declared that blacks were not as intelligent as whites. Samuel Alito did not write it, Frederick Foote did. The Democrats, hell bent on destroying this nomination, are attributing these words to Alito. Who do they think they are talking about, Joe Biden?

Now, the Democrats are in a tizzy and they think they have the silver bullet that will slay the nominee but they have shown their weakness in at least two areas. First, they want to make Alito guilty by association. Since he belonged to the group, he was guilty of what some of the members said. Secondly, they admit that he was not very involved and that he did not say it, yet they will not let that little fact stop their quest for destruction. Here is what one staffer said:

One Democrat Hill staffer involved in their strategy declared, “Put a fork in Scalito. It doesn’t matter that Alito didn’t write it, it doesn’t matter that Alito wasn’t that active in the group, Foote wrote it in CAP’s magazine and we are going to make Alito own it.”

So what this twit is saying is that they know that Alito was not active in the group and that he did not say it but they are going to make him own it. Strange thing is, John Kerry was involved with war protesters and committed treason to this country and they say that does not matter. He was guilty and they let it ride but they want to attribute this to Alito and he is not guilty of it. They want to make Alito look like a racist. This is coming from the party that embraces Robert Byrd, who is a racist and was a member of the KKK. This shows their utter desperation. They are using membership in a group from a long time ago to head hunt while ignoring Byrd’s membership in a group that actually did head hunt.

To top it off the Democrats star witness will be a man who says Alito was a member of a group that opposed admitting women and minorities to the university. They are not able to produce one item that was written by Alito expressing these views but they will try to attribute the views to him. The Democrat’s has credibility problems of his own. He claimed that chickens were treated the same as Holocaust victims (He and the Iranian President would get along nicely). He also donated money to John Kerry’s campaign (he has no agenda). I can’t wait to see this process.

The Democrats are desperate. They are trying to stop this nomination despite their claims of open mindedness. They want to defeat this so they can, in essence, defeat Bush. Samuel Alito is going to make these half brained idiots look like the twits they are. Then, Americans can see the Democrats for what they are, a bunch of obstructionists.

Truth be told, Alito just has to go through the motions and, since the Republicans hold the majority, he will be confirmed.


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