Too Little Too Late

A new poll by the Washington Post/ABC News shows that if the 2012 election were held today Mitt Romney would have an edge over Barack Obama 49-45. Perhaps this is because the lie Obama told to get reelected has now been revealed and millions of Americans are getting screwed because of it.

There were lots of lies by Obama in 2012 and we are seeing that many of the things Romney predicted, which were dismissed by Obama and his obedient media, have come true. Romney was right about foreign affairs and he was right about millions of people losing their health insurance. Obama dismissed all of this and he received cover from the media that was so eager to see him reelected.

This change of heart among voters is too little too late. They needed to be engaged before the last election and they needed to do their own research. They needed to cut through the bull and recognize that Obama was not being truthful.

Instead millions of voters were either eager to get their free health insurance (which is not so free) or were happy to keep what they had voted for Obama because he said things they liked and he was not some evil Republican.

Mitt Romney was not the most ideal candidate for the job but he was many times better than Obama. Mitt got things right while Obama lied to get reelected.

It is obvious that Obama knew he was lying but did it in order to continue his path of destruction in America.

There are a lot of liberals who voted for Obama who are now lying in that path of destruction. They have been used and are now discarded and suffering the consequence of Obama’s lies.

Democrats loved to tell us that Romney lived in the past and his ideas were decades old. While this characterization was off the mark one can only wonder how much better off we would be if we lived based on the lessons of the past.

One thing is certain; America’s future under Obama will not be so good.

But hey, at least they have their Obamaphones…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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