Tony Snow will Resign

White House Spokesperson Tony Snow indicated that he will probably not stay until the end of the President’s second term. Citing financial concerns, Snow said he would not stick around and that he expected there to be a few other departures from the Bush administration. Instantly, the haters in the “tolerant” left wing of the country jumped on Snow.

As most folks know, Snow is fighting cancer, a cancer that has reemerged. There are posts out there that are full of comments by the left wishing for Snow to die because he shilled for the President, he help sell a bill of goods on the war (though he was not there when the war started) and that he is an evil man for spreading the lies coming out of the White House. Unfortunately, I have read the left long enough not to be surprised by the people who hope his cancer kills him quickly and that this is all karma coming back to haunt people who harmed this country.

I do not see people from the right wishing death on political opponents who have some disease process going on. Elizabeth Edwards received many well wishes from the right on many blogs and in comments. When Senator Johnson fell ill the right prayed for him while the left showed their concern by worrying the Democrats would lose the Senate majority. It is unfortunate that people cannot put politics aside when a person’s health is an issue. Wishing for people to die and being happy they have an illness is wrong and certainly does not bode well for people who consider themselves tolerant. You know the types, the Daily Kos is full of them.

Imagine how they and others on the left would react if the right wing blogs cheered about Ms. Edwards’ cancer and hoped that she died for marrying an ambulance chasing charlatan? Using the logic of the left, this would be her karma for marrying such a worthless man. Only truly compassionate people can see that this would be wrong and that is probably why many on the right just offer prayer. Politics is not as important as a human life and one day the left will find that out.

I wish Tony Snow well now and when he resigns. I wish Elizabeth Edwards and Tim Johnson well and I pray for all of them. At the end of the day, the compassion is what sets us apart from the animal world (that and we use cutlery).

Big Dog Salute to Fort Hard Knox

Big Dog

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14 Responses to “Tony Snow will Resign”

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  3. Jenn Sierra says:

    Thanks, Big Dog, but the salute actually belongs to Barry, at Thought Mechanics ( for this one.

  4. Patsy says:

    It’s disppointing to read the vicious comments liberals write about the illness of Tony Snow and other conservatives. I could never participate in such cruelty, even toward someone I vehemently disagree with, like Elizabeth Edwards or Hillary Clinton, if she were to become seriously ill.

    With regard to Elizabeth Edwards, I think about her husband, and what a terrible loss he will suffer, how painful it is to lose your spouse, the indescribable heartache of grieving you endure at the loss of your mate. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

    It is the hardest thing I’ve ever endured in my entire life. It happened to me over 10 years ago. I am forever changed. I survived it, have remarried a man who also lost his first spouse and am happy again, but the experience left us both affected.

    I think about the Edwards’ children and how they will suffer from the loss of their mother. I pray for her recovery. I pray that she is healed from this cancer and made whole for her husband and family.

    Politically, I pray we defeat her husband. I pray we defeat Hillary Clinton and all liberals. I pray for liberals to see the error of their ways and for their enlightenment. But I do NOT pray for their deaths or suffering.

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  6. I have decided that what the left does is called “pseudo-tolerance”. They like to think that they are open-minded individuals yet they are still only “tolerant” of beliefs they agree with, which is not tolerance…

  7. irtexas says:


    I don’t wish this on anyone. I lost my dad to cancer. I can’t say enough prayers for Tony and his family. I don’t wish ill to anyone that has any life threating illness. But we have morals and feelings. There are a lot of people that do not. I feel sorry for that lot. They will never know what it’s like to have the feelings and good thoughts that we do. They will only have the evil that they keep stored in their beings, they do not have hearts. We do.

    Tony and family have a great,peaceful and restful weekend together. You to BD

  8. bleecherama7 says:

    Most people know that Repuplicans own viciousness.Folks you wrote the book on it.Stop your cryin when somebody returns favor.You aint seen nothing yet!

  9. Big Dog says:

    No Bleech, only idiots THINK that and you are an idiot. You troll around with your third grade comments and expect people to take you seriously.

  10. Patsy says:

    Bleech, what Republicans own is America. We own its homes, businesses, land, investments, bank accounts — and the American dream. All you vile, lazy, non-productive liberals own is your freedom of speech. Which you freely exercise in the most vicious and mean-spirited ways you can find. You are envious, destructive pieces of crap who’d rather bitch than get off your ass & make something of your own life & contribute to your country.

  11. bleecherama7 says:

    Republicans dont own america!My personal life is none of your buisiness.See ya all on the 15th.By the way I love my country too.Righty better quit cryin and hiding behind blogs most people dont see anyway.Repubicans dont love thier country and it is obvioius.And dont call me a liberal either you stinking bums.

  12. bleecherama7 says:

    And once again ENJOY THE MINORITY you deseve to be in.Good day

  13. Big Dog says:

    I will be there on the 15th. I will be wearing a shirt that reads Freedom is not Free and says Army reserve under it. Wear something that has your name on it so I can pick you out. I would just love to have a chat with you and see if you are as arrogant in person.

    You liberal swines are all the same. A lot of talk until you have to actually stand up for something.

    I’ll be there and if I can, I will have them make an announcement letting you know where I am and that I am looking for you. I would like to see this bravado that you have while hiding in your mommy’s basement.

  14. Patsy says:

    Heheheh, Bleech, you are one funny guy! You missed your calling! You belong on stage.

    Yeah, sure you love your country. Just don’t ask you to actually fight for its survival or to preserve its freedom. Don’t ask anything of you as a citizen of this country. You’re just here to ENJOY you benefits. LOL! Bull crap, you love your country! You love yourself, you selfish bastard.

    Hiding, me? I wish, but I’m too busy for that.

    You’re sure that no one sees these blogs on the Internet? Is that why you guys want the Fairness Doctrine brought back? So you can shut these sites down? Keep thinking that way.

    Sorry I won’t see Big Dog educate you on the 15th, but I’m sure he understands. I’ll be there in spirit, with moral support.

    What a miserable person you are. Your personal life being none of my business, uh, I couldn’t care less what you do with your significant others in the dark, Blechy. Yuck.