Tomorrow We Take Back America

The long awaited judgment day will arrive tomorrow and the citizens of the US will get a chance to correct the mistake it made four years ago when they elected an inexperienced Socialist to the presidency. In four years Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) has done nothing to repair the economy and has racked up six trillion dollars in new debt. More people are unemployed and on food stamps while Obama redistributes our tax dollars to his supporters.

Tomorrow we get to put America on the correct path to get this great nation working again. Mitt Romney is a successful businessman who has created a ton of jobs in the private sector. He espouses a smaller government approach (the same approach Obama espouses for the victims of Sandy) and he knows how to work with people who have differing views.

In short, he has a love of country and the skill to fix what is wrong. One only needs to look at Obama who said to vote for revenge and Romney who said to vote for love of country. Yes, Romney has love of country and Obama has love of self.

Obama has been a failure at home and abroad. His handling of Hurricane Sandy was nothing more than a photo op. His performance is more dismal than that portrayed by Democrats after Katrina but then again, Bush was the president. The left who blamed Bush and ignored the incompetence of local and state leaders is now ignoring Obama and asking where local and state leaders are.

The mess in Libya has been buried by the Democrat controlled media but the information that trickles out is not good and shows that Obama was incompetent and responsible for the murder of four Americans. He went to bed while Americans fought for their lives. He refused them help on three occasions and they died fighting an enemy that Obama put in power and could have attacked had he given a go order to our military.

The Americans who were murdered can’t tell you what happened but we all now know they died needlessly. We know they were hung out to dry. When you vote tomorrow remember that if you vote for Obama you are voting for someone who had no regard for their lives.

I also think it is important to consider the desires of those who served this country. The men and women who have served this nation want and deserve a strong leader who will have their backs. Obama is not that leader (in as much as you can use the word leader when referring to Obama).

Obama has received the public endorsement of five retired military officers. Mitt Romney has received 100 times as many. Yes, 500 retired military officers have publicly endorsed Mitt Romney.

We need to consider that because our vote decides who the members of our military have to work for. We decide who their Commander in Chief is and they overwhelmingly support Mitt Romney.

This support from the military might help explain why Democrats work very hard to suppress the military vote.

Get out and vote tomorrow (if you have not already voted). I am cautiously optimistic that Romney will be selected as the 45th President of the United States.

My prediction (Electoral Votes): Romney 338 Obama 200.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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