Tommy Thompson Has Senior Moment

Drudge reports that outgoing Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson stated he does not know why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply.

The exact quote is:

“For the life of me, I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do,”

This has got to be about as boneheaded as it gets. This being Sunday during the football season let’s suppose the Eagles, who have been playing pretty good, made an announcement that they are surprised the other teams do not throw into the right side of their secondary because the defensive back is injured and can’t run very well. I think we would see Brett Farve of the Packers throwing to the right from the onset of the game.

How about if a commander in Iraq said, I’, surprised they have not attacked from the West because we are not defending it. NOTE: This is an example and I am sure the military is protecting itself quite well. I’ll bet the terrorists would attack from the West in a day or two.

Whether it is a game or the real thing, you don’t show your hand. By pointing out your own weaknesses you allow the enemy to exploit them. In a game it could mean a loss, in the real world it could mean a catastrophe!

Thompson has given the other side a valuable piece of intelligence. That is the problem in the world of today. Too many people say things without thinking and they help those who would harm us. In World War II the saying was “loose lips sink ships.”

Here is my saying for today’s world: Keep your mouth shut!
We are not fighting stupid people. They read the news, the internet, and they watch TV. They are aware of this and will probably act on these comments. I think the nuclear scenario is a little less important to them now.

I felt OK in writing this because Thompson told the world and the terrorists already know. Plus, I don’t get many visits to this site!!

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