Today Is The Big Day In Massachusetts

Well folks the polls will open soon and the voters in the state of Massachusetts will go to them to elect a senator who will complete the term of the late Ted Kennedy. This election has national implications and is being watched closely across the country.

The pundits will be burning up the airways later today but I want all of you involved. Just for fun, comment here with who you think will win and by how much (as a percentage of the vote).

It is time to take a break from all the name calling and sniping that goes on and have a little fun so this post is designed to do just that.

Please keep comments related to the contest and don’t forget to make your prediction.

For those of you who have been living in a cave the candidates are Martha Coakley (D) and Scott Brown (R).

I will start us off.

I predict Brown will win by 4 points.

Now it is your turn.

Big Dog


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37 Responses to “Today Is The Big Day In Massachusetts”

  1. Adam says:

    Coakley by 1. Democrats head to the bars to drink off the close call and Republicans claim fraud. They blaming ACORN, SEIU, illegals, and dead voters. Tea Partiers take to the streets in Boston to douse themselves in tea and try to light it on fire (they’re not to bright after all). When that doesn’t work they throw themselves into the bay and they all wash up dead on the banks near the Kennedy library. Schilling remains bitter about the race for some time.

    • Blake says:

      Adam- you admit you cannot believe polls- and most polls slant to the left if AT ALL POSSIBLE, so Croakley must be in some real trouble.
      My prediction, Brown by 6- and the progressives will blame Bush.

      • Adam says:

        “…and most polls slant to the left…”

        Yes indeed, facts and reality have a well known liberal bias.

        • Blake says:

          No, but spin generally does, and you all are whirling dervishes of lies.

        • Adam says:

          We’ll see who spins more after this election. Even with a win the GOP will be spinning non-stop for weeks about the return of the Permanent Republican Majority. Coakley losing will not derail heath care but it will awaken the Democratic base as to the seriousness of the November elections.

      • Blake says:

        Well, I was off by one point- perhaps I should be a pollster- and the progressives DID blame Bush- they are so incompetent.

  2. Macker says:

    Brown by 3, even after the Voting Dead show up. Then the Demo☭rats will delay, obfuscate, and delay again.

    • Adam says:

      The Democrats won’t need to delay. The quickest Brown would be seated by law is 10 days from now which would be Jan 29 or Jan 30. Obama’s State of the Union Address takes place before then so expect the Dems to find a way to ram health care through the final steps by then so Obama can crow about it big time.

      • Adam says:

        Or even 15 days by some accounts of the law. We shouldn’t expect the Democrats to seat Brown any quicker than Republicans let Franken be seated.

        • Big Dog says:

          What? Franken was not delayed for any reason other than a recount and court challenges to things that were more than hinky.

          Barring a recount in MA, which is possible, the longest delay would be 10 days to get absentees and military ballots in. Once Dems figure out how to discount the military ballots they will count the rest and then decide who won. But, if it is close enough on either side there could be a recount.

          However, if the margin of victory is larger than the number of absentee and military ballots they should be able to certify early.

          When Ted Kennedy was elected to the seat in a special election he was sworn in the next day. When Niki Tsongas was elected in a special election she was seated in 3 days. Can anyone explain why this is the case but all the sudden the Dems are spouting about the law? If it is 10 days then do it in 10 days but quit acting as if that has always been the golden rule.

          As far as the SOTU, it was supposed to be in February but he had to move it up so, as Adam now acknowledges, RAM through something.

          That is no way to legislate. What a bunch of poor leaders.

          I had hoped this post would be light and allow predictions but it took a LEFT turn.

          Yeah, Fox the liars. When was the report and when did the rally take place because NPR reported the same thing. Also, is this the same as when the Dems claimed the packed rally during the campaign and then when pulled back the place was empty. The tight shot made it look full.

          I read somewhere that a counter rally drew more people. But just because people show up in droves to see the sainted one does not mean they are excited about croakley.

          • Big Dog says:

            I think some conservative group paid for a lot of people to come from out of state to monitor the polls today. I got an invite offering to pay airfare and hotel to go up and be trained and then monitor polls for wrongdoing. I would have done it had I gotten the invite earlier.

            You can be sure that I would not have tolerated anything from either side. Unlike the Dems and their Black Panther Party thug enforcers, I do not believe in voter fraud from anyone.

            • Adam says:

              If the NBPP thugs in any way represented the Democratic party then you’d have a point. They don’t. They were there under their own doing without even the say so of their organization, much less the Democrats. Don’t mix in your subtle lies like that to paint a false picture.

              Why does it always seem a Republican’s idea of voter fraud involves groups like ACORN simply encouraging minorities to register and vote?

            • Blake says:

              Adam, the NBPP thugs were EXCUSED by the “Democratic” party, or at least the most liberal aspects of it- like Eric Holder- that much is easily verifiable- just look at recent action from the alleged Attorney General.

            • Adam says:

              So now any criminal activity that is dealt with through the Justice Department under Eric Holder makes it associated with the Democratic party? Keep spinning, Blake.

            • Blake says:

              No need to spin- your side gave a pass to these thugs- just a bad and dishonest call for Holder, but what do you expect from one of the Lead Rapists of our Constitution?

            • Adam says:

              You consider it a pass just because Holder didn’t send these men to Abu Ghraib to be made into human pyramids and then sexually assaulted by guards.

            • Big Dog says:

              I was not aware guards sexually assaulted anyone.

            • Darrel says:

              Bigd: “I was not aware guards sexually assaulted anyone.”>>


              “Maj Gen Taguba, who retired in January 2007, said… “These pictures [not released] show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency.” [9/09]

              Abu Ghraib abuse photos ‘show rape’.

              Oh, and regarding killing prisoners, you might check out these bogus “suicides” at Guantanamo:

              The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle.

            • Big Dog says:

              So there are accusations of rape and murder but no one has been charged and there is no evidence that has been brought forward.

              Until such time, we only have accusations.

            • Darrel says:

              Bigd: “there is no evidence that has been brought forward.”>>

              Really. We have Bush’s handpicked investigator saying we have actual photographs of the rape. I trust he isn’t such an idiot that he doesn’t know what it looks like, or to make the charge of rape if he had any other choice. How often do we actually get *photographic* evidence of a rape?

              The Taguba Report also found:

              In his Findings of Fact, Major General Taguba wrote:

              k. (S) A male MP guard having sex with a female detainee;

              Major General Taguba also determined that the testimony of several detainees was “…credible based on the clarity of their statements and supporting evidence provided by other witnesses (ANNEX 26)”. The detainees described the following acts of abuse:

              g. (U) Sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick.

              That’s rape too.


            • Big Dog says:

              Legally, that is not rape. Or as Whoopi would say, it is not rape, rape. The legal definition of rape involves sexual intercourse against one’s will.

              It is certainly sodomy.

              If this occurred, were the people who did it prosecuted? If it happened and they were prosecuted then I do not get the point of saying it occurred. If no one was prosecuted why would that be?

            • Darrel says:

              Bigd: If it happened and they were [not?] prosecuted then I do not get the point of saying it occurred.>>

              I bet the people who were raped do.

              I see no motive for General Taguba to lie about rape occurring and about the existence of these photographs.

              Bigd: If no one was prosecuted why would that be?>>

              Politically damaging (the same reason they are not releasing the photo’s). Or, while the rapist was stupid enough to allow himself to be photographed, perhaps he wasn’t stupid enough to have them reveal his identity.


            • Big Dog says:

              Perhaps but I would rather see some proof. Too many times we have allegations that turn out to be false. Like Korans flushed down toilets…

            • Blake says:

              You’re dumber than a wheelbarrow full of manure, D- you believe ANYTHING if it seems damaging to conservatives- and yet you falsely proclaim “independence” in your thinking- remember-
              A closed mind catches no knowledge. (as we can see.)

        • Adam says:

          Franken was delayed by the GOP because of the certificate. The certificate was delayed because of the recount. That’s all the Dems should need to wait for.

      • Blake says:

        If the progressives try and ram this FUBAR of a bill through without promptly seating Brown, they wil be toast on the 2010 elections- and why should O’bamma crow about ANYTHING? it is not as if he did anything, he let the Congress do all the work- talk about lazy- oops, is that a stereotype? Will Adam call me racist? Or could it actually be the truth?
        And as to the promptness of Brown’s seating, let’s look to the wife of Paul Tsongas, who was promptly seated (by the Republicans- because the Republicans believe in the Constitution, and Progressives just believe in the ends justifying the means)- so by that measure, Brown should be seated promptly.
        Look for the Progressives to lie, and cheat and do whatever they need to do , just so an Unconstitutional bill is passed.
        Their legacy is already one of UNPARALLELLED corruption- why should they stop now, and act as if they respect the process.
        If the Constitution was a woman, she would be gang- raped by the Progressives- with smiles on their faces.

        • Adam says:

          The Democrats have been ramming this legislation through…for the last 12 months. Whew, why don’t they slow down and give it time, huh? One year is hardly enough time to pass a piece of legislation Democrats have been working on for 20 years. The bill is in a reconciliation process and should be sped along as quickly as possible and I would love nothing more than to see it finished up long before the Republicans have any say about it. Brown may just lose anyway still and it won’t matter.

          With smiles on their faces? That’s quite a lovely picture you just painted us. I know you have a sickening fetish for torture of prisoners but I guess we can officially extend that to fantasy of the sexual abuse of women as well. Seek help now.

        • Blake says:

          No, Adam, that picture is of progressives- if you call yourself one, then truly that IS what you and your ilk are doing to this country- it is not a fantasy of mine, just an apt and accurate description of your side of the aisle.

        • Adam says:

          I bet the yellow pages has a nice list of local psychologists for you to choose from.

        • Darrel says:

          BLK :”and why should O’bamma crow about ANYTHING? it is not as if he did anything,…”

          Oh, he’s done a few things. A lot of these are minor but there’s some nice plump cherries in here:

          90 Accomplishments of Pres. Obama….


          Obama wins more spending cuts than Bush

          That’s kinda nice.



  3. Adam says:

    Polls close in 8.5 hours. Hopefully early exit polls will start to leak by 5 PM or so.

  4. Adam says:

    Well, I guess there are no exit polls being done today. This is a crock. What fun is that? All we’ll get is a win or lose result and we’ll be left to spin our own story as to why it turned out that way. Pathetic…

  5. Adam says:

    Looks like it’s all over now but the spin. With a Brown win in hand we’ll see what the Democrats can do to derail the GOP’s last hope at preventing a health care bill from passing.

  6. Big Dog says:

    OK, the folks who picked Coakley are out and since I get to make the rules I say anyone who picked Brown is a winner no matter what margin you selected (no one hit it on the head).

    Adam is half right, the Democrats will hit the bars but not for the reason he gave. He also said that all the Dems have to do is wait like Franken did. Franken was the subject of a recount and though Dems might have felt that would be the case, not even close.

    Brown won by about 101,000 votes which as I recall would be 1000 more than the number of absentee ballots. Since Coakley could not win even if she won every one of them (a statistical impossibility [lacking Dem fraud] especially given that some are military) they should not have to wait 10 days to count them. He won without them and she can’t win with all of them.