Tobacco Goes Up in Smoke at Disney

Disney has decided that none of its movies will feature people who smoke. Disney took the decision because it believes that children are influenced by those they see in movies and that smoking characters lead our youth to take up that nasty habit. Disney said that it would like some of its other studio labels. It might be difficult because those entities put out movies for older audiences but Disney said it is willing to fight that fight. This is where I am baffled.

I can understand Disney not having smoking in its films. They are usually suitable for entire families and feature wholesome or lighthearted themes. Except for a very few, their films are not violent (though when I saw Bambi as a wee tot I cried when the mother got killed) and they promote decent things. Miramax, on the other hand, has films that are not for everyone in the family. Some contain a lot of violence and other things that children should not see.

If smoking encourages children to smoke does not violence encourage them to be violent? If Disney is willing to fight to cut smoking from all studio labels should they not be fighting all those labels to remove violence from their films so as not to encourage our kids to be violent? While we are at it, should not Disney ensure that no one in the movies drinks alcohol so that children are not encouraged to drink?

I am not trying to be flippant or dismissive of their efforts but I would like to know how far they are willing to go to save the children on this planet. It is one thing for them to ban smoking in their products because they are generally good for kids to view but to impose this smoking ban on other studio labels without addressing the other issues makes no sense and makes them appear as disingenuous.

Of course it might be a moot point anyway because the rating folks are going to take smoking in a film into consideration when they rate the films.

Disney should worry about policing up its own Mickey Mouse operation and let the other studios take their own decisions.


Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Tobacco Goes Up in Smoke at Disney”

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  2. Ola says:

    You should worry about making your countrys puppetmasters stop using weapons of mass destruction!! Are you man enough to take the responsibility for your own acts (referring to your own earlier postings) ??

  3. Big Dog says:

    I don’t know what you are referring to but you should try to keep on topic.

    As for puppet masters, my country has people who lead the world and we are an ATM machine to third world crap holes that are run by despots.

    I am man enough to take responsibility for anything that I do or say. It would be nice to know what you are talking about though.

  4. Virginia says:

    Good article Bigdog. Guess Disney is trying to rule all studios. Wonder if they think it is okay for children to see same sex couples, walking around hugging and kissing, think this would encourage a child to think that is okay too. Disney is also big supporters of the gay movement. I also noticed that when Bill and Hill thought the stock market was fixing to crash,probably because of a martha Stewart type thing, they sold their stocks in a lot of companies, one was Disneyland…….. figures. Keep up the good work BD, never read anything you were wrong about yet.

  5. irtexas says:

    I think Ola should go back to her/his own country and voice the opinons maybe they can make a difference.

    As far as Disney Since they have had to increase their security three fold and Orange County has to have at least 3X’s the officers in the walk where the cafes and movies are I would think that would be on the top of the “I think” list. Also this past week a 57 y/o woman attached a 38 y/o mom because she thought she was cutting in line. She was only joining her party. There were no waiting lines, everone in line was up on the next Dumbo(no pun) ride. By standers had to break up the fight and guess the background orgin of the older woman?
    Disney has been having trouble with gangs in the past couple of month’s that is why they had to boost security details. Thank goodness my grandchildren are older and none of them live in the Orlando area anymore.

    Maybe Ola can take MS-13 back home with her when she goes. I can tell you when they started moving in to northern Virginia it was no picnic. I don’t envy anyone that has to wear a uniform today and be out there. I don’t know where you live but in the Orlando area it’s getting a little scary.

    Ok back on the subject. Disney shouldn’t be doing this big no smoking drive when there seems to be bigger issues out there. In fact I would have quit smoking years ago if there weren’t so many people who have no idea how to control crime, drugs, child molesters, perverts and any amount of other real problems not that smoking is not but put things in order here. In the last month how many women and children have gone missing and found dead?

    Please solve something that is against the law then come and talk to me.