To Win, Democrats Will be Less Liberal

Democrats are well aware that liberal ideas do not sell to the majority of this nation. Only those truly dependent on government believe in the ideas espoused by liberalism. The overwhelming majority of this country believes in more moderate and conservative values. Democrats are so aware that they can not win when they are liberal that they ran a bunch of moderates during the last election in order to get the moderate and conservative vote. If these people had run as true liberals, they would not have won. Of course, there are ultra liberals who always win. Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, but look at the places they live and the people they represent and it is not hard to understand why they are always reelected.

The Democrats know that they had two good fortunes on their side in the last election. History was on their side in that the minority almost always picks up 25-30 seats in the house and 3-5 seats in the Senate during the midterm elections of a two term President. They also had the good fortune of running a few moderates. Now, those politicians must remain moderate when they vote or they will lose their seats. They come from very red states.
The big prize for the donks was not this election. This was a stepping stone to the White House. They want the White House so badly that they will do anything in order to win. One thing they will not do, according to them, is be liberal. Why, you might ask, will liberals not be liberal? It is because they know that most Americans do not like liberalism and will not vote for those who are truly liberal. The plan then, is to avoid doing anything too ultra liberal for the next two years so that they can fool America into thinking they are all moderate. This is why Hillary has been hanging around the center, she knows America will not elect the true Hillary, the one of Hillary care fame.

This is a deceitful practice because people will not know what they are getting until it is too late. In 2008 if the donks are successful and get the White House back and still control the Congress they will most certainly go back to their ultra liberal ways and we will have four years of that mindless form of government. If that happens, America will have gotten what she deserves and I personally hope that it hurts a lot of the lower middle class and poor very badly. I am tired of feeling badly for and trying to help people who are too stupid or too brainwashed to think and actually see what is going on. If the donks take charge I hope that these folks get screwed every which way but loose. I am hoping that this happens in Maryland after the idiot Martin O’Malley and his token take over the State house.

Enough is enough and if people can not see that the Democrats forget about them as soon as they win then the hell with them. I can tolerate the hurt a little better so I hope they get royally screwed. It serves them right. These are the folks who will be fooled by the Democrats and their no-liberal plans agenda.


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