To My Subscribers

I realize that many of you subscribe to my blog either via various feed readers, my email sign up or via Feedblitz. My feed is redirected through Feedburner and I recently discovered that the feed address was incorrectly redirected. I have corrected the problem and tested it. The feed is currently working.

If you were subscribed and then removed my feed because it was giving error messages, you can now once again add my feed.

For those of you who desire, there are a number of ways to keep up to date and all the subscription options are on the right under the Subscribe Tab.

This is all free and no one is required to register at this site to participate.

I am sorry if Feedburner caused any headaches and hope that will not stop you from signing up for my feed.

Warmest Regard,
Big Dog

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One Response to “To My Subscribers”

  1. Jo says:

    Really odd – I never had any issues with your feed and I have the feed burner url tagged in my reader. Oh well :D