To John Kerry, Only Democrats Are People

Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary and filed to run as an Independent. While he lost the state’s Democrats, polls show him with a fairly large lead for the general election. John Kerry thinks this is a bad thing and wants Joe to get out before he ruins the Democrat’s chances in November. But to Kerry, the only opinion that counts is the Democrat’s opinion:

“Joe Lieberman is out of step with the people of Connecticut,” Kerry added, insisting Lieberman’s stance on Iraq, “shows you just why he got in trouble with the Democrats there.”

The fact that he lost the Democratic primary shows he is in trouble with the Democrats, no argument there but the fact that he leads in the polls shows that he is NOT out of step with the people of Connecticut. Most of them believe in what he has to say and want him back in there. Joe is within his rights to run as an Independent and the donks should not complain. Did they complain when James Jeffords left the Republican party to become an Independent, while he was still in office. People who voted for him had a right to expect that he would stay there as what he was voted but he changed. Was Kerry all upset about that. No, in fact it is more likely the donks use things like this to show people are upset with Republicans.

Well John, Joe Lieberman is a bit upset with the Democratic party and he does not like the way he has been treated. He is running as an Independent and has broken no laws to do that. What you are actually afraid of is that the idea that Americans are very anti war will dissolve. You see, when he lost the donks could make the claim that AMERICANS were fed up with the war (instead of the Democrats, which are all that voted) and they could use Joe as the poster boy of that idea. Now that he is running and in the lead it shows that a majority of the people in Connecticut like his positions and their support undermines the Democratic mantra.

In the beginning of all this I did not care about the Democratic races and I got a kick out of reading the Kos kids and their joy at the Lieberman loss but now I am very interested because this is causing all the little donk babies heartburn. I really would like to see Lieberman win and then switch parties to Republican. I know he is not Conservative but he has the best ideas of all the donks with regard to national security. He is no more liberal than the RINOs like Bennett, McConnell, and Chaffee and he would be another Republican in the majority. That would really fix the John Kerrys in the Congress.

ABC News

Do you suppose that Kerry is upset with Lieberman because he picked a position on the war and stuck to it (unlike Kerry) or because he came closer to winning the White House than Kerry did?

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One Response to “To John Kerry, Only Democrats Are People”

  1. Very nice post! I’ve taken an interest in the whole Lieberman primary defeat/Lamont ascendency thing myself. I’m intrigued with the prospect of Lieberman victory as an independent. He’s a good man and he needs to stay in the Senate. The Democrats are emboldened by all that’s happening in politics and foreign policy, but in congressional elections all politics is local (and I hope Tip O’Neill’s aphorism holds this November, as the GOP is facing difficulty in national polls of late).