To Democrats, Murtha Is Now A Problem

Remember, not long ago, when John Murtha first started about pulling troops out of Iraq. He was talking about the Democratic strategy of cutting and running and a Marine sent a message that said Cowards cut and run, Marines do not. Murtha was a Marine and this statement made it seem as if he were being called a coward. The left went moon-batty over this. Murtha has been vilified and they will not stand for that. How dare people question a war hero, a guy who has the guts to tell the “truth” about Iraq. As an aside, ever notice it is only the truth when it is their viewpoint?

The rest of us, those who are sane that is, said that the things Murtha was saying are harmful to the war effort. We know from the Vietnamese and John Kerry’s involvement that the enemy knows they can not win on the battle field so they will win in the court of public opinion, assisted by the traitors who sell us out. Traitors like Kerry and Murtha. While we were indicating that Murtha’s statements were not good for the war effort the left was telling us that he had the right to speak about this because he was a veteran and had been in combat. He has a right to say these things and how dare the right tell him what he can and can not say. You can not say this man is causing a distraction to the war, you are mad because he is bringing attention to your failed policies.

Oh how things have changed. You see, I have always said that the left believes you have a right to free speech so long as you are saying what they want to hear. Now we find those same moonbats who defended Murtha’s right to talk telling us he is a distraction. It is not about the war, of course, but about their quest for power. Murtha indicated that he will run for the number two leadership position if the Democrats regain control this fall. This has rankled a few people, especially those who believe they deserve the job. Here is where it gets interesting:

“Members really think Jack Murtha has caused a huge disruption. This is a major distraction from what our focus should be. We should be focusing on taking back the House, not leadership ambitions,” one Democratic aide said.

This very idea was stated about his war remarks. Murtha was a disruption and a major distraction from our focus on winning the war. We should be focusing on winning the war, not election ambitions. This idea was pooh pood by the left when he was anti war because the left does not want to win the war. But when you disrupt their plan to win elections and take over the control they get hopping mad.

I told you before that these bastards care more about their jobs than they do about this country and the security of it. Let us make it easy for them and vote them all out in November.

Source: (Reuters) Iraq war foe Murtha eyes Democratic leadership

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6 Responses to “To Democrats, Murtha Is Now A Problem”

  1. Robert says:

    BD, Murtha has become a source of pain for both parties. He has also bit the hand that feeds him so to speak, The Marine Corp. as far as I’m concerned he should be bannished from congress and the country.
    He was the man that pushed Clinton to run from Mogadishu. he is a coward and a voice for the terrorist propaganda machine.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Murtha is a disgrace but for a while he was the face of the anti-war movement. Now he is in the way…

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  4. Haditha: A Heinous Crime was Committed By the Bear…

    All Americans should be applauded that young Marines are being held in solitary confinement in chains and shackles simply on the basis of charges made by the MSM and John Murtha.


  5. Joel says:

    Sorry to bring this up but in your comments published in the Absurd Report on June 12th –
    “His main attribute for this position is a complete lack conscience and moral fortitude which allows a callous person to injure and harm any amount of untold people for political gain irregardless of the damage done.” –
    you made the mistake of using “irregardless” which is not a word. You should have used the word regardless.

    By the way, I enjoy your comments and appreciate your insights.


  6. Big Dog says:

    Joel, I assume you mean the Bear because I did not post at that site.

    Irregardless (LOL) I appreciate the comment!