Time to Stick it to Obstructive Democrats

There is an interesting story that Paul Ryan, a republican from Wisconsin has put together a bill that would save Social Security and not raise taxes to pay the costs associated with it. He even has a few democrats on board. They like the plan and they would love to get it done. Only one small problem. These democrats have been promised some very serious reprisal from the other democrats.

The democrats will do anything to keep Social Security the way it is, failing. They want to keep the one item they use to scare people into voting for them. They want to keep the same Social Security that was failing and needed them to rescue it during campaign season but is now solvent because George Bush is actually attacking the problem. They know that if Bush and the republicans rescue Social Security the dems will not win a major office in a long, long time. This is why they are obstructing the whole process. They are trying to derail the whole thing. Ryan stated that it was time to get to a grassroots effort. He is right. It is time for all taxpayers who agree with Social Security reform to contact their representatives and demand that they support this whole process.

Anyone who does not get on board should suffer during the next election. In addition, any republicans who start showing signs of being spineless need to be replaced with people who can lead. We elect these people to carry out our desires. If they are unwilling or unable to do that we need to replace them, period. Social Security is in trouble and we have a leader who is willing to fix it so we need to get on with it and get it fixed. The republicans need to show that they are in charge and stop letting the minority party run all over them.

America, it is time to step up to the plate and get your representatives in line with what you want. It is also time to get rid of anyone who obstructs the process.

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