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Time to Set Obama Straight

Barack Obama is running as the candidate of change (that is the buzz word this cycle) and he wants us to know that he will make things in Washington different. This is the same claim that all candidates make and none of them ever do anything except spend money. Obama took the opportunity to record his own response to President Bush’s State of the Union. Fortunately, there is a transcript so we can set this young buck straight.

I will leave the rest of your little soapbox speech alone because I get quite sick reading all your lies and pleas for the poor folks and your desire for socialism. You continue to say that you are about change but you are no different than the rest of them. You deride people because they demonize opponents and then you spend 5 minutes doing that to the president.

President Bush is not the greatest President we have ever had but he is a hell of a lot better than the Carter and Clinton debacles. We have been safe despite your assertion to the contrary and under him we took the fight to our enemies. I know that pains you because you have relatives in the Muslim world but they are the enemy and you are either with us or you are against us.

You do not deserve to be the President of this country. You are a fraud and people will know about you the more you are out there. Hillary will destroy us and you will just bring more sex scandals[Obama sex scandal?] to the White House.

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